miercuri, 5 ianuarie 2011

0111 1101 1011

So yeah, we made it to 2011. In all truth I am not a time person, nor a resolution person, not even a holliday person. So it might as well be 2050 for all I care, as long as they don't ban the internet or anything. But I do like to actually have an ocassion to dress up and get away with wearing giant platform heels and spikes on my head so New Year pretty much works in that direction. Do ignore the mess in the background, the house was getting renovated and everything was well, you can see how it was. In the end we did a 2 party kind of thing and that involved walking around the cold streets of Chisinau at 1 am. But then again, I got to wear the high heels so I'm not complaining (that much). We also had a horrendous cold (we still own it, in case you want one) and had to pile on clothing (bf is really nicely dressed but you can't see it because of all the layers, right?)
So yay or nay on the whole Rabbit Year thing?

In other irrelevant news I got the coolest vintage dress ever, the print is a very paint like type of thing. I know, I'm very good with words today.
Also, adding to the pile of shoes I definitely don't need - the most awesome 70s boots I've ever laid eyes on! Remember how I was ranting about 70s pony hair boots? Welllll I got myself some - pony hair, zebra print, square toe, the works. Can you say kitchy love? I know I can.

See? Awesomness.

In other news we are going to update the blog pretty soon with a few dresses (both vintage and new)a leather skirt and so more stuff so check back whenever :)

4 comentarii:

Boheme.Fille spunea...

You look darn great! I have the same headband, only with black spikes:)! Happy New year, darling! can't wait to see the dresses you gonna post and the leather skirt, maybe this time I can put my hand on one of them;)

Anonim spunea...

Great black shoes! I have the same room doors. ;-)))

Andreea spunea...

Ulalalalaaaaaa, ches ca se sa?:D
La multi ani!Ti-am simtit lipsa:P

Alice in vintageland spunea...

Holy hotness!!!! You guys make me sick - that "couple" photo is so cute. And the spikes headband looks so good in your head. I love the "painted" vintage dress - is beautiful!:)))))