joi, 6 ianuarie 2011

Sometimes You Have to Go Nuts

It's called blowing a fuse. Today we finally cracked and gave the cat the bath we've been warning her about for months now. The poor thing was so passive about the whole experience - unlike other cats I've dealt with - not even meowing. She is after all the best cat in the world, minus the stink.
Anyways, moving on to more plesant affairs - I got candy crazy today and ordered a whole bunch off Ebay. Seriously, you can get anything from Ebay. Anything. I'm very much a liquorice person - how come I've never mentioned this on the blog before? Or have I? I tend to forget stuff - so I got it in all shapes and forms. I am especially looking forward to the liquorice fudge. God I love fudge. Who here had liquorice before? Most people aren't familiar with this amazing candy and most of those who are will make the ''how can you put that in your mouth'' face when I ask them about it.
This whole thing actually started when I got a craving for jelly beans. Not sure if you guys ever had any but they're like freaking amazing. Not your usual jelly candy, no sir. They're the good kind. The special kind. The kind we would have eaten as kids if we lived not in a socially crippeled communist regim but in a consumatorism oriented socialist heaven (I wonder why I do that, no hum). The kind you can't get in Romania. And they have SO MANY FLAVORS. I believe you can tell I'm excited. But seriously, they are perfection. Except for the spicy flavored one. I hate that one.
So my candy decadence included:

Black and white mints - creamy minty stuff alternating with liquorice

Asorted fudge - chocolate, vanilla, rum & raisin and clotted cream

Liquorice wheels

Liquorice fudge

Jelly beans!
Long post short, here's todays outfit and some cool gloves I got. I like them cause they're green.

I need more green clothes.

Bye bye!

8 comentarii:

Monica spunea...

i had both liquorice and jelly beans (the original kind) and i gotta tell you...i'm not crazy 'bout them! too darn sweet and too sintetique for my taste...i'm more of an oriental pastry kind of girl..i need more ingredients and textures in my foods.
but maaan...did those pictures made my mouth water!!!

Vintaggeria spunea...

you have. but blech again.

Anonim spunea...

Just ate like 30 jelly beans. I hate myself now. :-)))

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Monica - mmmmm, synthetic.... mmmmm
but really, I think you're right on the jelly beans, they are definitely 'factory made', as in a great deal of flavor is added but on the liquorice part I have to disagree - it's one of the few sweets where the natural ingredients prevail. sure, it's possible you're not a liquorice person :D
@vintaggeria: shutttt upppp
@my shop 9: no hating, unless they were spicy jelly beans :D

Anonim spunea...

Spicy and non-spicy. They were mixed. Don't like the ones with liquorice and cinnamon.
Hate because i'm trying to lose weight and sweets are a big no no. :-D

Mad Hatter spunea...

Sweets... always the big no no :D
Dar cateodata trebuie sa ne sacrificam, nu?

Anonim spunea...

You've got mail. Jelly-mail. ;-)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Thank you so much. You made my week :)