duminică, 13 decembrie 2009

I May Need a Random Title Generator

Naturally, here's another gratuitous outfit post. And in case anyone was wondering what that look on my face was, it could translate into:' why are my pants always falling off'. Cause they were. I was basically using my telekinesis powers to make them sit up. See how I digress? Anyways, besides finding a new way for wearing my fur vest thingie (which gives me great personal satisfaction), I've also been thinking a lot about the people we have around us. And I know all this damn introspection is due to the preXmas depression, but I just can't help it. So I'm sharing. This past year I feel like I've come a long way and understood more about myself. I finally feel at peace with everything around me because I'm no longer surrounded by unhappy people, trying to drag me down with them. I'm grateful for those around me, which I can trust and care about, which understand me and don't make a habit of judging everything around them, always looking at the empty side of the glass. I've learned that 'live and let live' is the best way to go around. And with the risk of becoming even more corny than a soap opera, I'd like to thank my friends for being my friends.

I'd also like to thank you guys for reading and stopping by every now and then, this blog allowed me to find some really awesome people. It's nice to know you're out there somewhere, it helps me not lose hope in humanity.

This is starting to feel like an Oscar awards ceremony. Anyways, moving on, I'd like to thanks Bf for being Bf. Seriously. You're awesome.

And to cut things short, before I get my own music theme, I wish everyone finds their peace as this year ends. Be happy guys, enjoy the people you have around you, fall in love and find your balance. And remember, be nice, cause karma is quite a bitch :)

The Terribly Mad Hatter

P.S: promise this is the last rambling post of this year.

sâmbătă, 12 decembrie 2009

Pretty Random Jiberish

Here's me freezing my everything off. Me and my beloved All Saints jacket, of course. I got it a size too big, as it was the last one available but I'm quite happy with it, especially as I can layer underneath it sweaters, which has become a must, seeing how we're living in a freaking freezer.

Moving on, here's a bunch of pretty amazing stuff that I want but will not, I repeat, will not purchase. And yes, Oak is pretty much the store of my choice. I'm sorry, but black is definitely the new black.

More random stuff found on my computer (for some reason I NEVER organize pictures into the right folders, I just give them names like 'hmmm', 'hmmmm2')
Super cool chick somewhere in Tokyo

They would definitely look better as wedges (sorry I don't know who to give credit for this)

Finally, my latest obsession and possible purchase, the Aldo Tureson shoes. I'm slightly tempted to purchase these from Bucharest but they're probably twice as much as on the website (they sell in the US for $130) and I'm not even sure if they have them there (if anyone stops by Aldo in Baneasa or Vitan, please let me know).

vineri, 11 decembrie 2009

Tie Me Up

Cizme XYDE Pull&Bear din piele intoarsa, inspirate de binecunoscutul model Vivienne Westwood
Marime: pe ele este trecuta marimea 41 dar corespund unui 40.
Material: piele intoarsa, curele sunt din piele.
Stare excelenta, ca noi, purtate o singura data.
Pret 90 RON

joi, 10 decembrie 2009

My Tale of Plaids and Leather

Geaca din piele Bershka

Second Skin

Geaca imitatie piele Kookai
Lungime 57 cm
Bust maxim 96 cm
Detalii: geaca este in stare excelenta, fara semne de purtare, cu exceptia gulerului, pe o portiune mica, care a fost crapat prin intindere (long story). De asemenea, eticheta are o culoare mai inchisa, nu stim exact motivul. Fiecare maneca prezinta fermoar. Geaca este cambrata pe talie.
Pret 50 RON

Round and Round I Go

Fusta anii 50
Lungime 70 cm
Talie inalta maxim 70 cm
100% bumbac, captuseala 100% acetat
Stare excelenta
Pret 45 RON
Va recomandam purtarea ei impreuna cu un tutu sau o crinolina

Bluza din dantela si maieu Next
Lungime (bluza) 60 cm
Bust maxim 96 cm
Bluza din dantela 100% nylon
Maieul (detasabil) 100% poliester
Stare noua fara eticheta
Pret 50 RON

Lollitas Never Age

Rochie 'lollita' Atmosphere
Una dintre cele mai faimoase si cautate rochii Atmosphere, in special in comunitatea 'lollitas'
Lungime 98 cm
Talie maxim 86 cm
Bust maxim 100 cm
100% bumbac, captuseala 100% bumbac
Stare: excelenta, purtata o singura data, aici.
Detalii: se aseaza in pliuri, avand destul de mult volum.
Pret 75 RON