sâmbătă, 12 decembrie 2009

Pretty Random Jiberish

Here's me freezing my everything off. Me and my beloved All Saints jacket, of course. I got it a size too big, as it was the last one available but I'm quite happy with it, especially as I can layer underneath it sweaters, which has become a must, seeing how we're living in a freaking freezer.

Moving on, here's a bunch of pretty amazing stuff that I want but will not, I repeat, will not purchase. And yes, Oak is pretty much the store of my choice. I'm sorry, but black is definitely the new black.

More random stuff found on my computer (for some reason I NEVER organize pictures into the right folders, I just give them names like 'hmmm', 'hmmmm2')
Super cool chick somewhere in Tokyo

They would definitely look better as wedges (sorry I don't know who to give credit for this)

Finally, my latest obsession and possible purchase, the Aldo Tureson shoes. I'm slightly tempted to purchase these from Bucharest but they're probably twice as much as on the website (they sell in the US for $130) and I'm not even sure if they have them there (if anyone stops by Aldo in Baneasa or Vitan, please let me know).

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Vintaggeria spunea...

hey btw, have u seen these? http://pipeline.refinery29.com/news/newsflash_invisible_shoes_inve.php

Mad Hatter spunea...

Problema cu astia e ca m-as uita mereu in jos :P