joi, 10 decembrie 2009

Told You We Were Coming Back

Dupa cum v-am tot spus, in mult prea repetate randuri, vom redeschide blogul cu vanzare. Maine vom posta o mica parte din hainele disponibile deoarece am reusit, intr-un final apoteotic, sa ne mobilizam. Mai sus aveti un mic preview. Toate clientele abonate vor primi pe email ora exacta a postarii. Cine nu este inca abonat poate trimite un email cu mesajul 'Palarierul este nebun' la binecunoscuta adresa

As for the hair. Let's just call it a Twiggy tribute and leave it at that, shall we?

In other news, I finally solved my leather jacket dilema and got the All Saints Dresden one. It has already arrived and I'll try to post pictures as soon as possible. Only one word can describe it. PERFECTION. And AWESOMENESS. Fine, that's more than one word. But seriously, this jacket kills. That's why I might have jump horse and also got the cotton version. I just couldn't help it. That's one of the reasons why my Bershka leather jacket featured here will be up for sale tomorrow (and also a really cool Kookai leather like one)

Reason no1

And reason no2 why I'll be eating only noodles for the next month or so.

LATER EDIT: Did you guys know Maison Martin Margiela quit the fashion industry to pursue a painting career? I'm shocked. It proves great character and I applaud him for that.

3 comentarii:

Mia Serena spunea...

You look gorgeous, your new hair-cut is amazing :x and the new clothes too!

Best Wishes,

ioana spunea...

te ai tuns in Londra? mi se pare super tare si ti sta bine.o seara...nebuna :)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Thanks Mia darlin` :D It was the only way to get rid of my dreaded dreads
Multumesc Ioana. As fi vrut eu sa ma tund in Londra :P A fost o tunsoare de obligatie, sa ma acordez la seriozitatea profesiei :D