joi, 25 februarie 2010

Online Shopping Is the Devil's Work

Stand sub laptop si refuzand contactul de domnul Predescu, autor al stufoasei semiologii psihiatrice care imi va consuma neuronii si timpul pe durata intregii mele existente (probabil) (but it will be done with a masochistic please none the less) am ajuns la concluzia ca se impune cumpararea a Ceva. Cum constiinta mea este practic strivita de ultimele achizitii in mod evident nu ma pot orienta spre domeniul haine/pantofi. Astfel incat deschid un capitol extrem de slab explorat al cumparaturilor (mele): cosmeticele. Sunt genul de persoana care foloseste extrem de putine cosmetice. In principiu, cu o naiva sinceritate, deoarece imi este teribil de lene sa le aplic. Par a fi ATAT de multe reguli pentru ceva ATAT de banal. Totusi ocazional dezvolt mici obsesii pentru diferite produse si intr-un final le achizitionez. Momentan fixatia este orientata spre Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes Mascara si fondul de ten Diorskin by Dior. Dar cum intentionez sa le achizitionez intr-o comanda mai ampla din Sephora USA vor trebui sa mai astepte o perioada. Astfel incat m-am orientat spre ceva vizavi de care nu am absolut nici o experienta - cosmeticele minerale.

De-a lungul timpului m-am impiedicat pe Etsy de produsele magazinului The All Natural Face, care are momentan o oferta pe site-ul lor. Aparent ei comercializeaza cosmetice naturale, fara aditivi suplimentari. La preturi foarte mici :)
Comanda mea a constat din urmatoarele produse:

Ulei natural de Argan (it sounded so damn cool)

Un sealant pentru pleoape (cum, cum se traduce chestia asta la noi?)

O baza pentru ploape

Trei farduri de pleoape: Pomegranate, Raw Steel si inca unul (ma intreb care). Oricum sunt extrem de multe nuante in care m-am pierdut.

Transportul pana in Romania este de doar $3.5. Din pacate plata se face doar prin Paypal care are o rata de conversie dolar-leu infioratoare (1$=3.2 RON). Dar avand in vedere ca in total am platit in jur de 35 de dolari am sa iert Paypalul de data aceasta.
Teoretic produsele imi vor fi expediate in 5-7 zile (aparent magazinul este foarte apreciat si cautat) iar in Romania ajung in 2-3 saptamani, deci asteptati un post vizavi de calitatea cosmeticelor in aproximativ o luna.

luni, 22 februarie 2010

A Cup of Browsing

My titles are getting more and more moronic, aren't they?
Astazi vom incerca versiunea in limba romana, desi fluxul este dubios mai lent si inspiratia parca mai putin naturala.
Cautand, ghidata de caracteristica-mi pasiune pentru gecile de piele mai altfel (cum, cum ar merge tradus 'cowl neck' fara sa sune nepotrivit?!) am descoperit inca doua modele ce merita mentionate.
Primul este realizat de Maya Yoge, brand Grai. As spune ca se observa faptul ca a lucrat o perioada pentru Rick Owen. Superba, dar inacesibila ca pret ($1300) si spatiu (traim in mijlocul lui Nicaieri).

A doua descoperire este mult mai apropiata de buzunarul nostru romanesc. Evident inspirata de modelul Dresden by All Saints (a carui mandra proprietara sunt) o puteti achizitiona pentru doar 30 de lire. Daca nu mi-as fi depasit bugetul pe intreg anul probabil as fi intins mana spre cartea de credit in momentul acesta. Transportul ar trebui sa fie 9.50 lire pentru UE insa la checkout nu putem selecta decat optiunea cu 14.50 de lire. Un alt dezavantaj ar fi faptul ca geaca nu are absolut nici o descriere in afara de mentiunea 100% piele si doar o singura fotografie. Totusi este disponibil si modelul pe negru pentru cele curajoase.
Site-ul Bay-online imi este relativ necunoscut, banuiesc ca este si recent aparut deci nu pot sa imi exprim o parere pertinenta legata de serviciile oferite. Totusi m-ar tenta si rochia tartan de mai jos. La pretul de 7.50 lire pe cine nu ar tenta? Daca cineva va fi tentat si va face o comanda am fi recunoscatori sa ne mentionati calitatea produselor.

30 de lire,

7.5 lire,

Din alta categorie de stiri in curand vom publica un preview mic mic mic al rochiilor ce vor fi
disponibile pe Blog. Necesitam doar putina rabdare. Si mult mai mult Timp.

Pentru final o imagine cu subtile aluzii personale (pentru ca Palarierul poate si merita:)
EDIT: una dintre cititoare a avut probleme legate de comanda gecii (urmariti raspunsul celor de la Bay-online in comentariile la acest post) astfel incat nu va recomandam, cel putin momentan, comanda de pe site-ul lor.

marți, 16 februarie 2010

Tea, Wallets and Football

As I'm preparing to watch the Milan - Manchester game, I thought I'd share some random stuff with you.

First off, why was I not informed about the awesomeness that is Milford tea? FINALLY, a tea that not only looks and smells amazing but it actually tastes like it should. This has become my absolute favorite. I only have to decide on the flavor, they have quite a few. In all seriousness, try it. This is feel good tea.

Finally bought something for my bf instead of myself. This cute Paul Frank leather wallet. It was the orange/blue combo that got me.

New shot of the Siriano shoes that I'm coveting. Oh how I wish they'll go in production looking
like this.

The tartan dress has arrived and it's so pretty I can't seem to be able to take it off. I was afraid it was going to look odd on but this is definitely a tall people dress (thank god I'm on the giraffe side of the population). Do expect more outfit pictures soon. Do excuse the mess, it's always like this (maybe worse).
As for the football thing, relax, I am a complete football moron but bf seems to enjoy it so I can't miss out on yelling at a screen. It's basically anger therapy.
Have a lovely Week!
The HatterS

luni, 8 februarie 2010

Overwhelming Monday (Or the Other Way Around)

I should definitely stop naming my clothes. It is quite disturbing (especially to others). Today was a particular long Monday, which started with me not finding my keys, continued with three manic patients harassing me(on separate occasions) and ended with finding out my cat has yet another disease (hooray). And because I have a very retarded way of dealing with stress, here's how I made myself feel better:

Unisex Cheap Monday grey jeans. I used to have a few pairs, which I didn't wear because shortly after getting them I decided to put on some weight (you know, just in case the ice age were to struck). And I've been missing the skinny perfection of Cheap Monday. So after great research and begging these were introduced into my life. If they get lost in the mail I'm turning serial killer on their asses.

Remember how I was saying I need more tartan in my life? Well this is mine, all mine. In the end I went with the blue combo because I have this delirious idea it suits my eyes better (what, a girl can dream).
I also got a pair of floral shorts and a butterfly sleeves cropped gray top (which I would show you if my camera wasn't in a coma). I have no explanation for the floral shorts, I was on a buying high and just couldn't stop. As for the cropped gray top, well, it was cropped. Must have cropped things (and a disco ball and it's the 80s all over).
But before you can say this blog is turning into a selfish form of stress relief, here's a sneak peak at one of the dresses that will be available on the Blog in the near future.

Palarierul ar vrea, chiar ar vrea sa fie mai putin Lenes si sa scrie propriile aberatii si in romana. Dar -neasteptat- este totusi extrem de lenes. In ideea ca nu va veti supara, iata mai jos un preview al uneia dintre rochiile ce vor fi disponibile pe blog in viitorul apropiat (iar prin viitorul apropiat ne referim la vremuri relativ mai calde).

P.S: stim ca suntem niste ingrati iar Palarierul are de raspuns la mailuri. Nu am uitat pe nimeni, do not kill us. Promitem ca il vom pedepsi exemplar pe Palarier pana va redeveni sociabil.

sâmbătă, 6 februarie 2010

The Internet Is for Porn

Shoe porn and such, naturally. Here's Acne's 2010 collection. To me they look like a mix of Irregular Choice, Minimarket and the old Atacoma wedges that ravished the internet this past season. They will probably retail at over $500 and will be gone in seconds so I'll stick to admiring from afar.

Via Kingdom of Style I found the amazing works of Natalie Shau. She reminds me of the twisted Mark Ryden but with a more feminine touch. I can't say I like all her work, some creations are a bit too 'gothic' for my taste but some are deliciously vicious (just like us, remember?). Here are some of Natalie Shau's decadent nymphets.

Ever since I've started work at the Mental Hospital I've abandoned, in a way, the 'art' of internet browsing (extensively). So today was sort of a compensatory day. Long story short, this is the latest 'I want I want' dress on my list. It will be hard to get but I just have to have it. I need more tartan in my life.

miercuri, 3 februarie 2010

Docs, Dior & Demon

Bocanci Dr. Martens cherry red, model 1460
Marime 6.5 UK, recomandam pentru 39-40
Stare: purtati dar iubiti, in stare foarte buna. O mica julitura pe dreptul, la botic.
Pret 110 RON

Sacoul Dior de care spuneam intr-un post anterior

Our personal demon, constantly pooping. Overindulging, attention grabbing, completely selfish & entirely adorable. Just like us. With more flees.

marți, 2 februarie 2010

Green Socks, Red Docs and My Ass

Literally. Just got my All Saints jacket in the mail and couldn't help it but strut around in it. As you can see from the pics I can't stop moving, thus the hazy, ghostly images. One word: LOVE. This was so worth going broke. Do expect to see it a lot in my spring outfit posts. It has amazing details and structure, better than I've pictured. Plus the Rick Owen inspiration which I can't say I mind. Moving on, do excuse the mentioning of my ass, I'm slowly becoming one of those people who believe thick leggings can be worn as pants (ah, Blasphemy!). But come on, they have like details stitching, mkay?! Read on, there's more.

Palarierul si noua sa geaca All Saints, care in curand va deveni parte componenta a uniformei de primavara. Una dintre rarele 'real investment pieces'.

Red 1460 Dr. Martens boots, for sale!

My lovely green over the knee socks, which I love and had to present on the blog.

Bocanci din piele Dr. Martens, model 1460
Marime 6.5 UK, 39-40 european, la cerere depunem eforturi si masuram talpa interioara.
Stare: purtati un pic, dar iubiti, mai mult depozitati, stare foarte buna. O mica julitura pe botul dreptului. Maine vom posta imagini facute in lumina naturala :)
Pret 110 RON