duminică, 31 ianuarie 2010

Ivan Who? Ivan Me.

All Saints leather jacket, Stefanel sweater, Zara pants, Bershka pants, Pull&Bear boots, vintage photo bag, russian hat
This post was once again supposed to be long and insightful. But my cat is insisting of being a pooppy ass (literally) and I have to errr... solve that. Thus it's turning into a quick outfit post. There were supposed to be more pictures but it was really hard keeping a straight face while Bf was calling me 'Ivan'. Anyways, today was so amazingly warm compared to the past week (seriously, who can live at -25 degrees?) so I took out the old harem pants. I did layer them on top of these amazing Zara pants I've been basically living in. I actually like the overall boyish look in spite of Bf insinuating I resemble a Russian character of dubious origin.

Nu uitati sa ne urmariti, in curand va fi disponibil un sacou Dior de care nu am vrut sa ne despartim dar care totusi va ajunge pe Blog.

That is all, do carry on

The Distracted Hatters

5 comentarii:

ioana spunea...

super tinuta;) love the bag & the hat :)
seara faina,ioana

A Dreamer spunea...

You look so cute girl!

PS: I called you in my dreamland, where the cats are you? :-?
PS2: :p

Mad Hatter spunea...

@ioana: multumesc :)
@The Dreamer - just a lil patience, I'll be there :D
P.S: I'll request your assistance some time soon, will let ya know :P

Verde Ursuz spunea...

dacă ar exista butonul "like" ca pe facebook, now's when I'd click on it :).

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Green: Ivan iti multumeste:D