luni, 25 ianuarie 2010

These Heels Were Made For... Me

Holy Designer Shoe! I just couldn't pass up talking about Christian Siriano's collection for... wait for it... Payless!! (do notice the double exclamation point, which is something I never use unless I'm overly excited). These are a sneak preview of the collection that's supposed to be released sometime in March. The last collaboration Siriano did for Payless was very disappointing, as the shoes were toned done from their original runway form. Well, this time it seems they are going to be as fierce as the runway originals, including the odd talon heels, much resembling a bull horn. And they're going to retail for $79.99. But, as Payless doesn't deliver outside the US, add a nice round 50$ for transport and a lot of begging my American friend to get them for me. And a 19% tax (#$@#%#!). But I still think it's worth it.I have my mind set on the blue and black pair. What about you? Would you wear them?

Later EDIT: found these pics via Nitrolicious of the original runway shoes. I drool.

4 comentarii:

Miki spunea...

cei albastrii sunt dementiali. care iti plac mai mult?

Mad Hatter spunea...

cei albastri, cei albastri! yum :P

ioana spunea...

albastru si pt mine..chit ca i as tine de bibelou in vitrina,pt ca sigur n as putea sa merg cu ei..:D
chiar astept impresii dc ii achizitionezi :)

Mad Hatter spunea...

@ioana sper sa ajunga in magazine asa cum sunt prezentati, nu intr-o varianta 'diluata'. Oricum sunt primii pe lista de achizitii :D