miercuri, 20 ianuarie 2010

Exposing the Zips

Vintage coat, Stine Goya dress, Naf Naf skirt, Zara leggings, Next boots, Moschino letters on a Pierre Cardin belt
You know, this post was supposed to be really long and maybe witty, considering the obvious lack of recent updates. Buuut, as hospital life is quite crazy (pun intended) Time is more scarce than ever and the Blog is getting a tad ignored. No worries, we do have big plans for it.

Anyways, here's sort of an outfit post. I actually wanted to do a whole 80s theme because I love the volume of the jacket, the exposed zipper and the arhitectural collar (not quite obvious in these pics but we were freezing and just wanted to go back in). The Moschino letters are recycled from an old belt that was falling apart (that was actually quite a bargain). I'm actually wearing a skirt and a dress, I've just folded the dress upwards. The dress in itself is pretty interesting, as it has exposed zippers and oversized pockets, but let's keep that for another post. One quick advice: do not try walking in 12 cms heels in the snow unless previously trained to. It's quite a nightmare.

In other news, we recently got a kitty cat of our own and she's taking up most of our spare time. She's had a hard life so far so we're trying our best to make her feel better. Do expect pictures.

Have a nice Evening

The Obviously Mad Hatter

3 comentarii:

A Dreamer spunea...

Uhm.. mâţu' here is waiting for pozili with her sister ^.^

Uhm.. the Dreamer here likes the shoes a lot!

Uhm.. mâţu aka a Dreamer sends a big warmy fuzy hug!

Lazy Autumn spunea...

The belt!The beeelt!:X

Mad Hatter spunea...

@ the Dreamer most uncomfortable shoes ever (but soo pretty)
big hugs back to a Dreamer
pics will follow, as soon as she starts looking better (lots of issues with her health, plus a dubious yellowish color :P)
@Lazy Autumn I love the belt because it's like a puzzle :D Will post artsy pictures of it one of these days :)