sâmbătă, 23 ianuarie 2010

Counting My Saints

Some of you might remember all the fuss I made over my All Saints leather jacket. Honestly I am so madly inlove with it that I bought another one by the same brand. They have a certain distressed feel to them and the leather/jersey combo will always be a winner in my book. At first I tried to be nice and bought a less expensive alternative - this jacket from Primark that is now on sale on the Blog. But temptation was just too big. A week and several emails later I found it and in about ten days it will be mine (insert maniacal laughter here). Now if I could only find 750 pounds to buy another one :D I joke, I joke, I'm already in debt Hell because of this last purchase. At least I can always say it's an investment pieace and leather lasts forever!

Soon to be mine!

Anyone has 750 pounds to spare?

2 comentarii:

A Dreamer spunea...

Daca as avea, te-as lua de-o manuta si am fugi mm...eu as prefera Venetia, dar nu stiu daca gasim acolo the shoes, so eventual tranzitam la Londra, sounds good?:D

Ah si desigur fuga ar fi ca sa cumpara tot ce ne doreste sufletelul sau ok, macar cate o pereche de killer shoes!

Deja dau in SF-uri, isn't it?
I knew it...

Mad Hatter spunea...

Sounds GREAT. Plus, oriunde este probabil mai cald decat aici.
I like the way you think :D