vineri, 8 ianuarie 2010

Deconstructing the Constructed

Few things I love as much as constructed photography. I confess I don't give ordinary photography enough credit as I feel it could never reach the perfection that the constructed category achieves. Frankly, when I was young I was more into digital paintings. At first I was inlove with the delirious works of Mark Ryden and Luis Royo but eventually I found that photography does have its points.One of the first photographers I stumbled upon, a few years back, was Alex Prager, actually on one of his photos from the 'The Big Valley' collection. I was sold right there and then. He's currently working on his latest presentation, Week-End and you can see a preview of it on his website.

Alex Prager and his women

Over time I've discovered more and more talented photographers, most of which made me wish
I had lenses for eyes. Oh how I'd love to pick the brains of these people!

Kerstin zu Pan

Holger Pooten, who is bordering on genious, minus his Nike campaign for which I resented him for a while. But the guy is bringing new definitions to the word 'constructed', so I'll forgive him for now.

Last but not least, not a photographer but a Stylist. The Alice in Wonderland theme was abused so much lately that I was dreading on seeing another approach to it. But I have to give it to Nini Gallong and her 'Clown in Wonderland' vision (did I ever mention I am and forever will be terrified of clowns? It's all about that damn 'It' movie). Careful, nightmares may or may not be included.

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