vineri, 22 ianuarie 2010

Doing the Nasty (Gal)

Seeing how the weekend is finally here let's have a quick online shop browsing. Today I chose Nasty Gal's Shop. They do not deliver directly to Romania but you know, when there's a will there is a way. Here are my picks:

You may have noticed, I like draped stuff. I'm ever so tempted to buy the first jacket.
De ce in Romania inca nu exista notiunea de haine drapate?

Am I the only one developing an obsession towards oxfords/broques/cowboyish men shoes? A mix of all three actually. Well, I may have to find a cure.
O tendinta pe care am inceput sa o observ si in Romania, la un nivel mai redus totusi: pantofii cu toc jos sau plati de tip oxford, eventual o combinatie intre asa zisii cowboy shoes si oxford.

As I was saying, draping is good.

For those interested in the infamous Minimarket back zip wedge that I featured on the blog a while back, Jeffrey Campbell finally made his version available online. There are a few online shops that carry them, if you need I'm happy to provide the necessary info. They're about 200$ plus shipping.

In cazul in care va mai amintiti ghetele Minimarket de sezonul trecut, care au facut furori in lumea virtuala a fahionistelor, Jeffrey Campbell a realizat propria sa varianta, care momentan este disponibila online, in cateva magazine care expediaza si in Romania.

Another Jeffrey Cambell 'approach' on a famous shoe. These are obviously inspired by the Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony wedges.

Varianta JC pentru Chloe Sevigny pentru opening Ceremony.

Ever wondered how the Ann D's would look as boots? Well, some of you already know because Ann D actually made some. But if you don't live in a castle and own a pile of money, Jeffrey Campbell has an alternative. I oddly like them, although I would prefer them black.

Seeing how I kept mentioning Jeffrey Campbell, I'd like to use this opportunity to ask Mister Campbell to stop making 5.5'' heels. I want to like the following shoes but I just can't. They are just... ugly.

Un mic apel catre Jeffrey Campbell. Tocurile de 14 cm sunt limita! Te rugam opreste-te.

P.S: catre cei care nu au fost inca adaugati in blogroll dar ne-au adaugat pe noi - va rugam lasati un mesaj cu adresa blogului, am observat ca primim multe emailuri direct in spam, motiv pentru care le stergem necitite. Thanksies!

4 comentarii:

Alice in vintageland spunea...

I usually hate white shoes but I have a mad love for the ones Jeffrey Campbell made inspired by Ann D's work.
I'm also a little bit upset with myself that I kind of like the last pair of chunky sandals. Something is wrong with me cause I have an 8th grade dejavu!

Mad Hatter spunea...

I'm getting Spice Girls flash backs all over again.
Si parca prin clasa a 8a detineam (god knows why) o pereche de platforme imense pe care insistam sa le port, in ciuda faptului ca si atunci eram o girafa:P

Mad Hatter spunea...

They do have a certain je ne sais quoi but they scare me :P

A Dreamer spunea...

Hehe, da imi aduc si eu aminte de papuceii cu platforma care erau in voga cand eram prin generala:D.

Jeesh, what a time:)!
Of, ce adorabili sunt cei albi :(