marți, 16 februarie 2010

Tea, Wallets and Football

As I'm preparing to watch the Milan - Manchester game, I thought I'd share some random stuff with you.

First off, why was I not informed about the awesomeness that is Milford tea? FINALLY, a tea that not only looks and smells amazing but it actually tastes like it should. This has become my absolute favorite. I only have to decide on the flavor, they have quite a few. In all seriousness, try it. This is feel good tea.

Finally bought something for my bf instead of myself. This cute Paul Frank leather wallet. It was the orange/blue combo that got me.

New shot of the Siriano shoes that I'm coveting. Oh how I wish they'll go in production looking
like this.

The tartan dress has arrived and it's so pretty I can't seem to be able to take it off. I was afraid it was going to look odd on but this is definitely a tall people dress (thank god I'm on the giraffe side of the population). Do expect more outfit pictures soon. Do excuse the mess, it's always like this (maybe worse).
As for the football thing, relax, I am a complete football moron but bf seems to enjoy it so I can't miss out on yelling at a screen. It's basically anger therapy.
Have a lovely Week!
The HatterS

10 comentarii:

cosmofever spunea...

De unde ai luat ceaiul? Oi avea sanse sa-l gasesc si eu aici? Te pup

Mad Hatter spunea...

la noi este in Kaufland, in varianta cutie de carton cu 25 de pliculete. Au multe arome. It's a must try!

cosmofever spunea...

Ah, ce bine - chiar intentionam sa dau o fuga in weekend. Thanks!

Mad Hatter spunea...

You are very welcomed.
I wonder what flavor you'll choose :)

Anonim spunea...

Apropos, Dear MadHatter, am găsit acest clip f interesant pe

Spune-mi, te rog, este dânsul sursă de inspiraţie? Fiindcă eu am învăţat că pe acest lovely site nimic nu e lăsat la voia întâmplării :)
Scuze pt adresa interminabilă dar nu am deprins tehnica de a insera link-ul într-o manieră mai elegantă.

Mad Hatter spunea...

Dear Silvie, this Hatter and that Hatter have not met, even virtually, until your intervention. He seems Mad, indeed. Maybe he had too many lemons as inspiration (anyone gets this?no?). We want to live in one of his hats (or around it, for that matter).
So the answer to your question is - he could be, starting now (or Now). Si realitatea este ca am fi vrut sa fie mai devreme (asta este o forma mai dubioasa de a-ti multumi pentru link).
Sa nu uitam ca nimic nu este ceea ce este ci doar ceea ce poate fi (apropo de voia intamplarii :)

Anonim spunea...

Ţinând cont de surse de inspiraţie, :) pt mine e f productiv să pun în contact imaginaţii creative.

Acestea fiind spuse mă întorc la colaje şi idei trăznite pt săptămâna în curs :)

Apropos, ştie careva un site ref. la tatoos? Mă gândesc la unul, pt început, dar caut alternative între timp :)

Verde Ursuz spunea...

both you and the dress look lovely, s-o porti sanatoasa! uff, tocmai am fost in kaufland si am sarit peste raionul de ceaiuri obisnuita sa le cumpar mereu din alte locuri. dar daca zici ca-i asa de bun, I must buy some next time I go to kaufland.

unlovely spunea...

de unde ai rochia si cum cat more important? i'd love to buy one...think you could land a helping hand?

Mad Hatter spunea...

@unlovely contact pentru orice detalii :)
In caz de urgenta majora devin generoasa si ajut in totalitate :)