luni, 8 februarie 2010

Overwhelming Monday (Or the Other Way Around)

I should definitely stop naming my clothes. It is quite disturbing (especially to others). Today was a particular long Monday, which started with me not finding my keys, continued with three manic patients harassing me(on separate occasions) and ended with finding out my cat has yet another disease (hooray). And because I have a very retarded way of dealing with stress, here's how I made myself feel better:

Unisex Cheap Monday grey jeans. I used to have a few pairs, which I didn't wear because shortly after getting them I decided to put on some weight (you know, just in case the ice age were to struck). And I've been missing the skinny perfection of Cheap Monday. So after great research and begging these were introduced into my life. If they get lost in the mail I'm turning serial killer on their asses.

Remember how I was saying I need more tartan in my life? Well this is mine, all mine. In the end I went with the blue combo because I have this delirious idea it suits my eyes better (what, a girl can dream).
I also got a pair of floral shorts and a butterfly sleeves cropped gray top (which I would show you if my camera wasn't in a coma). I have no explanation for the floral shorts, I was on a buying high and just couldn't stop. As for the cropped gray top, well, it was cropped. Must have cropped things (and a disco ball and it's the 80s all over).
But before you can say this blog is turning into a selfish form of stress relief, here's a sneak peak at one of the dresses that will be available on the Blog in the near future.

Palarierul ar vrea, chiar ar vrea sa fie mai putin Lenes si sa scrie propriile aberatii si in romana. Dar -neasteptat- este totusi extrem de lenes. In ideea ca nu va veti supara, iata mai jos un preview al uneia dintre rochiile ce vor fi disponibile pe blog in viitorul apropiat (iar prin viitorul apropiat ne referim la vremuri relativ mai calde).

P.S: stim ca suntem niste ingrati iar Palarierul are de raspuns la mailuri. Nu am uitat pe nimeni, do not kill us. Promitem ca il vom pedepsi exemplar pe Palarier pana va redeveni sociabil.

12 comentarii:

Monica spunea...

I need more tartan in my life too!!!!
De unde-i rochita??
I'm in the phase of makeup shopping, it's a strange one...and I need to digress away from it...I do not wear that much makeup anyway...clothes on the other hand... so pliiiz help!
Monica, Pisica-albastra

Mad Hatter spunea...

Dear Blue Cat :)
Rochia este o editie limitata Atmosphere de acum 2 ani, daca nu ma insel. Eu am vanat-o pe a mea pe Ebay, demonstrand ca nici transportul scump si nici livrarile lungi nu pot sta in calea rochiilor:D

ioana spunea...

the tartan dress is....WOW!!

Mad Hatter spunea...

I know! 7 more days until I can literally drool on it :D

Monica spunea...

i'm goin' fishin' for a Blue dress!
wish me luck!
si daca cumva, ti se potriveste marimea in vre-un fel...pliiiiz let me know! although I hope that won't happen! cause it sucks when it does!
O seara frumoasa,

A Dreamer spunea...

Ps ps, can you take me as a nice dreamy kitty, to live inside ur coma, I promise to be the un-insane, un-diseased kitty!

Alice in vintageland spunea...

The dress is so pretty, I love it! Dressing up and buying clothes is a wonderful way to feel better, I do it every day!:)

Verde Ursuz spunea...

I like the way you write şi cred că sună foarte bine în engleză.:) O prietenă şi-a cumpărat aceeaşi rochie de la Atmosphere acum un an, din Bucureşti, iar eu am găsit din nou acelaşi model in my hometown. Există magazine care aduc haine de la alte firme şi le vând în magazin cu eticheta originală sau firme care taie etichetele şi le vând sub alt nume (vezi Tina R unde se găsesc haine de la h&m, topshop şi atmosphere).

Mad Hatter spunea...

Thanks, I blush (really). But you're better at what you write. I quit touching the actually important issues in my life by writing so I focus on superficiality (and works great:)
Romania este plina de haine de pe high street, unul dintre motive fiind faptul ca aici se produc unele (de obicei fabrici comune). Iar Tina R... well... sunt inventivi.
Intre timp a ajuns rochia, it's simply awesome, desi dureros mai scumpa decat pretul initial de 12 lire!

Mad Hatter spunea...

Am uitat sa mentionez la ce pret sunt cumparate de obicei hainele high street de catre firmele autohtone. 2.85 lire/item. Incep sa imi doresc sa fiu firma :)

Reghina spunea...

oh, those skinny jeans O_o I love them!!!
ce marime sunt?!

Mad Hatter spunea...

Nu sunt de vanzareeee