duminică, 13 decembrie 2009

I May Need a Random Title Generator

Naturally, here's another gratuitous outfit post. And in case anyone was wondering what that look on my face was, it could translate into:' why are my pants always falling off'. Cause they were. I was basically using my telekinesis powers to make them sit up. See how I digress? Anyways, besides finding a new way for wearing my fur vest thingie (which gives me great personal satisfaction), I've also been thinking a lot about the people we have around us. And I know all this damn introspection is due to the preXmas depression, but I just can't help it. So I'm sharing. This past year I feel like I've come a long way and understood more about myself. I finally feel at peace with everything around me because I'm no longer surrounded by unhappy people, trying to drag me down with them. I'm grateful for those around me, which I can trust and care about, which understand me and don't make a habit of judging everything around them, always looking at the empty side of the glass. I've learned that 'live and let live' is the best way to go around. And with the risk of becoming even more corny than a soap opera, I'd like to thank my friends for being my friends.

I'd also like to thank you guys for reading and stopping by every now and then, this blog allowed me to find some really awesome people. It's nice to know you're out there somewhere, it helps me not lose hope in humanity.

This is starting to feel like an Oscar awards ceremony. Anyways, moving on, I'd like to thanks Bf for being Bf. Seriously. You're awesome.

And to cut things short, before I get my own music theme, I wish everyone finds their peace as this year ends. Be happy guys, enjoy the people you have around you, fall in love and find your balance. And remember, be nice, cause karma is quite a bitch :)

The Terribly Mad Hatter

P.S: promise this is the last rambling post of this year.

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A Dreamer spunea...

I'm really glad for you girl! >:D<

But you know.. it's not enough to find love, she has to find you too, and the damn circumstances be "nice", so you can develop.. love.
I guess that's my luck, every end(of year) catches me without "nice circumstances".

PS: I wanna steal ur shoes one day :">

Mad Hatter spunea...

I'm putting bear traps around my shoes dear dreamer :D
And you're so right, circumstances are so damn important, this time around I was lucky, but over time I've had my share of unpleasantness. I think what's important is being able to get over the bad stuff. I don't want to end up one day and realize I've turned into a sour old lady just because I was always looking at the bad stuff. We are what we are, but I do believe we have control over 'who' we are.
And btw, I really liked your last post :)

June Ogilvie. spunea...

o adresa de e-mail avem?

Mad Hatter spunea...

Si da, am revenit, inca traim, si astazi vom raspunde la toate emailurile care asteapta de ceva timp :D

vintage.shop spunea...

BUNA ma intereseaza daca podelul de pantofi pe care il ai tu in aceasta poza se gaseste si la noi in romania si cam la ce pret,daca nu cam cat te-a costat daca le-ai comandat din afara.ms mailul meu este vintage1shop@yahoo.com daca este mai usor pt tine sa imi raspunzi prin mail

Mad Hatter spunea...

@vintageshop ti-am trimis un email