sâmbătă, 15 ianuarie 2011

Pregnant Chic & Grunge Meets Cowboy

Target boots, Sisley leggings, vintage dress via Recycle Bazaar, United Colors of Benetton cardigan, All Saints jacket, Zara bag, Per Una scarf
Let me start by saying... I am not pregnant, despite the title (fooled you for a second there until you scrolled down to the text, right?). I got this amazing 70s dress from the lovely Cristina from Recyle Bazaar and I've been in love with it from the moment I opened the package. How could I not? It has the best flowery grungy print ever (I swear, I think I might even buy poop if it had this print on it) plus the babydoll shape, plus the perfect sleeve length. And yes, it does have that pregnant teenager feel to it which I find adorable - I've never been a fan of extra tight dresses, most times I like losing myself in whatever it is I'm wearing.
Next item on the list - Mona from La Boheme was so sweet in awarding me the Stylish Blogger award. I'm supposed to nominate 15 bloggers and tell you 7 things about me. Truth is I'm not reading style and fashion blogs these days due to lack of time, I usually have a few favorites one I go to from time to time and that's it. And I bet the girls (Alice, Andreea, Mona, Sandra and a few others I'm too lazy to post:) already know that I like their style so I'm going to cheat and hop to the 7 things about me. Here goes:
1. I'm supposed to move to the UK in a few months and everything in my life is crazy because of that.
2. I'm an adrenaline junkie, I used to bungee jump & snowboard back in the day.
3. I was married once (how scandalous!) but not anymore (bet you couldn't have guessed that one out)
4. Besides Bf, the most important people in my life are Mom, Sis and Grandma, they are the women that keep me going, no matter what.
5. I don't know my blood type because
6. I hate needles (but I'm working on that), which is pretty odd seeing how I am a doctor and all (but more common than you would have guessed)
7. I am freaked out by bugs and the dark, to the point I have trouble sleeping alone at night (especially if I saw a bug in the room)
There you go, a little more insight into my twisted world, I hope anyone out there stalking me is satisfied.

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Andreea spunea...

"I think I might even buy poop if it had this print on it" =)) E de notat asta, n-am auzit nimic mai genial niciodata:))
UK, really? I'm so jealous of you:P

Monica spunea...

si eu am o fobie teribila de ace: nu mi-am facut analizele decat de 2 ori in my freakin' entire life (25 de ani!!!) si o data au fost obligatorii pentru ca m-am operat de apendicita :)))
I cry like a baby when I see a needle aproachin'

si "oh my god" 2: si pe mine ma sperie teribil ganganiile...chiar si fluturii...dar gandacii in special. daca vad un gandac in casa si cineva nu-l killareste cat timp eu urlu si ma zbat...atunci eu plec in migratie si ma intorc dupa cateva zile...when i convince myself it's safe.
ma duc si stau la mama: her house is always bug-proof! :))

...i'm so crazy i even consider that getting a cat as a bug exterminator is a plausable argument in adopting a pet (not the ONLY argument, but still: a good one!)

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Andreea : why thank you, my brain just keeps poping out stuff like that, it's somewhat of a sickness :D
and yeah, UK. Be jealous a year from now, cause the first few months are going to be pretty hard :)
@Monica: eu nu plang dar devin anxioasa, tremur, etc. S-a imbunatatit in ultima vreme pentru ca incerc sa ma desensibilizez. And it's all in our head, sa stii.
si ha, si eu plecam din casa daca era vreun gandac, pana intr-o zi cand a trebuit sa ma confrunt cu unul. l-am acoperit in cearsafurile de pe pat si l-am omorat cu batul de la aspirator, in timp ce urlam (da, mega hot moment for me) dupa care am indesat toate cearsafurile in cosul de rufe.
si sa stii ca the damn cats cateodata nici nu se uita la insecte, cel putin a mea e de o indiferenta princiara cand vine vorba de subiecte cu multe picioare (brr)

Vintaggeria spunea...

oh the fun decapitated bug story :P
i could be lending my kitty to others, he eats anything that crawls. or flies.

Monica spunea...

ha-ha! that was so funny!
i hope i'll get a cat more like Irina's than like yours :))) no offence,it seems like a good cat in every other way :)))
pana una alta: mi-am pus plasa la toate geamurile...but it's not full proof. they find ways of getting in...the creepy bastards

cat despre faza cu acele: incec si eu sa trec peste, but the fact that is just in our heads still makes it real! after all: i live there! :)

s a n d r a spunea...

aww, thanks cutie! o sa il fac si eu :D

anyways, f tare. UK?! si eu am planuri mari pt viitor desi sunt inca la liceu :)) but I know that I belong there.
daaa si eu sunt ingrozita de gandaci.. am noroc ca pisica mea mananca mai tot ce misca. vara e f amuzanta cand se chinuie sa prinda muste :))

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Monica: intra prin tevile de la canalizare the bastards, I know!
@sandra: matza mea prinde o musca in 2 zile, eficienta in persoana. but she makes everything up by being so damn cute

Alice in vintageland spunea...

I guess I’m fearless cause bugs just disgust me but I’m crushing those dirty bastards with my bear hands if needed (not saying that I did that but you know I could, not afraid of them). UK???? So cool although I bet It’s going to be hard at first but the thought that Topshop is so near by is going to be comforting. I was married once too with Ryan Reynolds (in my head), but seriously that was unexpected :)))))))). I hate needles too and subsequently I don't know my blood type and because of no.2 you’re my hero. Love you’re style too…like a lot.

Alice in vintageland spunea...

...and yeas, I meant bare hands:))))))))))))))))))

Mad Hatter spunea...

and Alice wins the Wonder Woman award. Seriously woman, bare handed? You are now my hero. If I were to do that I'd immediately develop ocd and wash my hands 1000 times.

recyclebazaar spunea...

Cred ca eu detin recordul la incidente creepy cu gandaci! Doar anul asta au avut loc 2, si anume, in vara, stand la o terasa, am simtit ca se misca ceva ciudat prin sutien....noroc cu sotul, el a fost mai stapan pe situatie decat mine (am inceput sa topai ca bezmetica si a fost cat pe-aci sa-mi dau jos tricoul). Si da, we had quite an audience:))) Si al doilea s-a petrecut in urma cu 2 sau 3 saptamani, cand am remarcat cu ingrijorare ca ma gadila ceva prin par, si cand am pus mana in locul cu pricina si 'respectivul' a luat-o la fuga pe scalpul meu, am inceput sa urlu. Next thing I knew, eram sub dus, cu haine cu tot, sub jetul de apa care nu apucase sa se incalzeasca (a se citi 'era rece ca gheata'). Nu ma intrebati de ce o astfel de reactie. Noroc ca si de data asta sotul m-a salvat, ca dusul rece nu mi-a oferit altceva decat o raceala nesuferita!
In rest, chiar imi plac gandacii. Pe bune!

Mad Hatter spunea...

@recyclebazaar: numai cat citesc experientele tale simt cum my skin crawls si incep sa ma scarpin obsesiv. doamne, in sutien si in cap. AAAAA. la mine s-a intamplat mai frecvent decat mi-as fi dorit sa imi aterizeze in par, lucru care a rezultat in urlete isterice. cumva mereu imi inchipui ca o sa imi intre in urechi si am sa fiu the lady with bugs in her ears. stiu, complet rational.
i like bugs too. i like them DEAD :D