marți, 18 ianuarie 2011

The Iris

Oh boy do I love chunky platforms. They have that overall feel of hooker meets diva chic that's just to die for (sometimes). But hell would I pay $1.295 for a pair of the infamous Iris van Herpen for United Nude heels? I think not, thank you very much. I do agree the shoe is a state of art contraption and only limited quantities are being made (72 n ivory and 168 in black) so you get that extra special feeling of being special while strutting around in giant hooves but come on. But hey, you guys are free to get some if you're interested, they are available at Solestruck as we speak.
Do note: this post may or may not be a figment of your imagination, as much as I may or not may be overly ironical when posting.

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