miercuri, 12 ianuarie 2011

The Hatter and Consumerism (the Short Version)

All Saints leather jacket, TOPSHOP cardi, vintage dress, etnic scarf, Panda! hat via Vintaggeria, Sisley leggings and wool socks

How often do you guys wear vintage? Seeing how we're all part of the vintage blogosphere (can I call it that?) it's somewhat implied we're all avid vintage consumers. Truth be told a big chunk of my wardrobe is vintage, mostly dresses and skirts (what can I say, they just don't make them like they used to) but in day to day life the items I end up wearing are, more often than not, younger than 20 years, so to say. Don't get me wrong. I do vintage. Take the dress I wore today. The perfect wool dress. Flared skirt, a subtle print and just a hint of puffy shoulders. Plus the small details, like the perfect buttons and the tight sleeves. Not matter how much I'd look I bet I wouldn't find something as exquisite in a mass produced store brand. But in spite of that I'm such a sucker for Topshop, H&M and the rest. I end up buying their stuff. Sure, I blame it on the advertising and so on but deep down I feel I'm such a consumer. Well I've said it. What about you?

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Monica spunea...

yeaap! si eu sunt la fel, FIX la fel ca tine: ADOOOR piesele vintage, perfectiunea detaiilor, calitatea materialului, a croielii si faptul ca am haine de 40 de ani care au culori mai vii si mai frumoase decat prostiutele cumparate (tot de mine ce-i drept) cu 3 spalari in urma...insa...i do mix n'match! a lot! se cheama stil eclectic daca nu ma insel...and yup: i own it and flaunt it!
i'm not ashamed!
si nici salului meu vintage nu cred ca i-ar fi rusine sa fie pus in valoare de ultima generatie de jachete de piele ecologica de pe asos :)) cred ca e mandru nevoie mare de trebusoara asta!