vineri, 14 ianuarie 2011

The Fox and I

I've found the fox, the fox in the box. Well it's not really in a box, it's more like a sweater fox. Oh wow, I ryhme. Scarry. The sweater is a thrift, it's soft cashmere and it has the most hillarious fox image ever knitted on the front. I'm going to call it the Sarcastic Fox. Cause we all need to have one. Plus I have a weird hunch that when I'll be old and demented I'll hoard vintage sweaters or something similar. Hey, as long as it's not rats we're all good (but we all know it's gonna be cats).
Took the Burberry coat out for a spin, seeing how it's not getting too much love lately.

Burberry coat, paisley print skirt, Sarcastic Fox sweater, all thrifted, Napapijri boots via Miniprix, Zara bag

Also, if you're wondering how my face looks 90% of the time I'm taking pictures, behold: the ''are we done yet" look. I'm thinking of making it a trademark. Right.

Moving on, the amazing Ana from My Shop 9 surprised me with the best surprise I could have expected - jelly beans! Plus she was so sweet and sent me the candy with a lovely note. Ana, both me and Bf thank you :)

So, what flavor did you get today?
Hey, this could also work with vodka, right, right? :D

7 comentarii:

My Shop 9 spunea...

You're very welcome, hun! Enjoy! ;-) (P.S. Sorry for the package, I've got 2 left hands when it comes to wrapping things and the round box proved to be quite a challenge. :-)) )

Mad Hatter spunea...

I loveeeed the box, it was so cool to get a round package :D

CabinaDeProba spunea...

Mda, citatul era ceva de genul "momma always said life is like box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get" si il spunea Forest Gump. Deosebit si ireal aproape in zilele noastre gestul de a surprinde cu cateva cuvinte frumoase scrise pe o bucata de hartie si frumos ca exista oameni care sa ne inspire realizarea lor.

Vintaggeria spunea...

mergeeee, cum nu! s-ar putea sa dorm cu ele in pat, asa-s de dragalase (da, e 7 si inca nu m-am culcat).
ai 3 saptamani sa te gandesti pe care-o impartim.
that is, daca n-o sa le sece sesiunea:D

Mad Hatter spunea...

omg, we should get airport drunk, that's always fun :D

s a n d r a spunea...

awgh, ador paltonul tau !!! ai idee unde as putea gasi si eu niste jelly beans? mi s-a facut pofta :)))

Mad Hatter spunea...

thanks :)
well, eu le-am cumparat de pe ebay
si o parte le-am primit de la Ana de la My Shop 9. Stiu ca odata erau si in Bucuresti but they didn't taste quite right :P