joi, 27 ianuarie 2011

Hand in My Pocket

See? Bony.

United Colors of Benetton pants, Jeffrey Campbell 99 zip wedges, New Look socks, Lefties shirt via Miniprix, thrifted blazer
How weird does my hand look inserted into the pocket? Almost skeletal, as if there's a magical Xray machine in there. Sure, I can aways blame it on my freakishly bony hands but that would be admitting to a flaw, right? How good are you with admitting to your own flaws? I'm having quite a complicated relationship with that at the given time.
Moving on, this is my outfit for today. I've always kept myself away from carrot type pants because I felt they make my flat ass look even flatter. But recently I've come to realise I actually like my flat ass and by association I love carrot type pants. These have such a great cut and are so easy to wear. Hopefully they don't give me much of a camel toe (quite an issue with all high waisted pants).
And yes, I'm leaving you with that in mind. Camel toe.

Un comentariu:

a dreamer. spunea...

the hand is good, you're good!
and the outfit is good, good, good!
it's almost yummy :)
(not in the pervert way!)