joi, 20 ianuarie 2011

Public Beware Perfection

For those of you who always wanted to see me buying pickled turnip, trying to decide what olive oil to get or seductively posing next to the jam section, here's your chance. But then again I've been wanting to brag about the most amazing coat in the world ever since I got it in the mail two days back so I'll be using that as an excuse.
So meet my new bff, the Public Beware Asymetric Wool Jacket. I got it as a surprise and after I've opened the package I couldn't believe my eyes. This jacket has such an amazing cut and is so wonderfully tailored I feel I'm going to wear it to death. And apparently I was lucky enough to get the last one in black, hooray! There's one still available in olive in case you're as obsessed with minimalistic jackets as I am. In all honesty I have never heard of Public Beware before this but apparently they have a great selection of avantgarde stuff so enjoy! I already have my eyes on these leggings and hopefully I'll be able to visit their store on Brick Lane in London pretty soon (yes dear Bf, I am dragging you to stores when in London).
And yes, taking pictures in supermarkets is prohibited, as the undercover (seriously!) guard let us know.

Public Beware wool jacket, Jeffrey Campbell 99 wedges, Marella trousers, Bershka shirt, Cos blazer

''Discussing'' the situation with the undercover guard

Just perfect.

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Vintaggeria spunea...

oh let them be. nu-i taram destul dupa noi in restul timpului?:P i bet there's gonna be a..gadget exhibition or smth or other that can (barely) qualify as a good alternative to primark and topshop raiding.

Alice in vintageland spunea...

Insane! I love it!:)