miercuri, 1 decembrie 2010

Winter. Seriously.

So I've been borderlining on being dead cold this past week, with timid attempts at being a functional human being (that didn't work out so well, as expected). So besides spreading germs at the hospital I've also taken yet another courageous decision and got out in the cold to take pictures of some other stuff I have to part with - mainly the ditsy tea dress and the green cardi sweater thingie. Buuuut now that I look at the pictures the damn things are starting to grow on me again. So back to the maybe pile they go. And yes, I know that eventually I will have to leave them all behind. Ever heard of ignoring reality? Hello!
So basically this is me trying to pose, while my entire being is slowly frozen into a human popsicle.

Pimkie skinnies, no name Ugg boots, Sisley cardi, Atm ditsy dress, sheepskin gloves, Zara drape blouse
In other news I'm slowly nurtering my obsession with 70s pony hair platform boots - thank god I have not found a pair that fits me yet because I do not need any more boots.

Speaking of boots I do not need but definitely want, has anyone bought any off Mini Prix? These are sooo tempting, especially because my big feet actually get a 25% discount :D Plus they're from the famous Napajpiri? Najpapiririririririr... Napapijri brand (hey, pick a simpler name if you wanna gain worldwide fame, god damn it!) and from all the reviews I've read they apparently make excellent stuff.

I would go ranting on but I have to crawl and cook something before both me and bf starve to death. Also, check out this little piece of heaven:

And yes, it so happens that one of the songs from the movie is OUR song (I know, we make people sick :D)

8 comentarii:

Monica spunea...

those boots with the funky name are sooo fine!
chiar le-ai gasit pe site-ul Mini Prix??? they're gooorgeus!
acu' ma apuc sa-i caut!
ai grija doar ca incaltamintea comercializata de ei de obicei nu e imblanita, deci tine doar de calitatea pielii folosite sa protejeze (sau nu) de frig.
apoi: ai grija cu marimile! eu de la ei probez mereu 40, desi pot sa jur ca oriunde in alta parte marimea mea e 41!!
(eu sunt fana Mini Prix! there's something so owsomely random about this store! ori nu gasesti nimic si te mai si sperii, ori pleci cu chilipirul vietii tale din magazin si cu un zambet in jurul capului) :)
kinda' like thrifting...but with new clothes :)))

madis spunea...

Eu mi-am cumparat fix acest model de cizme de la Mini Prix. Sunt foarte incantata de ele dar sunt diferite de ceea ce ma asteptam eu ( pentru mine a fost o surpriza fericita):
- culoare - in realitate sunt mai spre kaki
- marimea, sunt cu 1/2-1 nr mai mari ( te-as sfatui sa iti comenzi cu un nr mai mic decat marimea ta)
- sunt destul de largi pe picior ( si eu nu am cele mai finutze picioare :P)
- au o captuseala adorabila pe interior :)

Mad Hatter spunea...

ah, captuseala in patratele, nu? citisem pe site-ul oficial ceva de genul.
madis m-ai convins, now all I need is the money :D

madis spunea...

yep, captuseala in patratele ;)
In caz ca o sa le cumperi si nu or sa iti placa...sa nu ma injuri :)

Vintaggeria spunea...

finally giving back to the community?:P the song. i love it

Mad Hatter spunea...

it's the season of giving, right?
don't get used to it :D

Monica spunea...

am fost azi la Mini Prix si le-am vazut! pe ele, cizmele!
sunt superbe! si mai frumoase in realitate, dar si parca mai butucanoase cumva...nu stiu...poate eram eu intr-o dispozitie emotionala mai feminina :))
sunt groase, pielea e de buna calitate (par chiar impermeabile, o piele intoarsa usor batucita, nu "fleaky"), captuseala e adorabila! iar talpa...antiderapanta :)) ca de bocanc army (le-am gasit pe cele fara toc)
voiam sa le probez, dar in tot magazinul exista o singura pereche si nu era nici de departe numarul meu...in plus, cred ca m-am razgandit...nu cred ca vreau cizme bej...

Mad Hatter spunea...

eu cu inconstienta clasica le-am si comandat... cand ajung asteptati un post pe tema :D
deci captuseala aia chiar e adorabila, avem inca o confirmare :P