duminică, 5 decembrie 2010

There Was a Time

When it wasn't even autumn.
I was meaning to post these Chisinau pictures (the last from the Chisinau set) but I didn't find the time - in time (ha, I crack myself up). It's already winter, which I really don't like.
So here, this is the autumn I was 27. And yeah, I know it's pretty much angel pics (I really liked that statue) and sky/tree pics but I'm way too lazy to make a proper post.
Plus a couple of novely item pics - I believe the ''cock brand'' speaks for itself, as for the other one - va mai amintiti ingheta la pachet de unt? Well, they have that in Chisinau :D

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SMLXL spunea...

ce buna era inghetata aia din pachetele de unt...mmmm..avea un gust de vanilie si cand te apuca nostalgia Proust-iana totul e delicos:)) Super poze se armonizeaza cu amintirea inghetatei.