sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

Quick Halloween Post

YES, I know we don't have an actual Halloween. But it's a good excuse as any to take a break and share with you some images that on other occasions you might say they're just too weird. So, here goes:

The NEXT LEVEL of the 'hoof shoes'. I love how painful these look

Zippers + Wedges = Love (Scary and Fierce Love)

These are made by Lisa Black and they represent one of the most creative form of taxidermy art I have ever seen.

If I may quote a very spiritual figure of the music scene, so to say, 'Who Killed Bambi?'

Note: all pictures have found their way onto my computer from various websites. As soon as I;ll have the time I will look for their specific source.

GIANT PS: here's a look at the Alexa Wedge bootie, $195, available from the LF stores. Isn't it fun how they called it the 'Alexa' bootie? Anyway, it's pretty cool and waaay cheaper than the Acne ones
And no, I am not dead, just hyperventilating. 14 days to go.

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