joi, 22 octombrie 2009

Random Post On Everything

Ok, so I would love to tell you guys about a whole bunch of stuff. Stuff like:

Why this is my favorite pictorial of Rick Owen

How I found not one alternative to Burrbery's wedges

But actually two, and one of them is really affordable

How Givency is following in Ann D's footsteps for the SS wedges

How this is the cutest VISA I've ever seen

How we're all simple people

How Emma Cook is a genius

But Osman Yousefzada is definitely insane

My obsession with knitwear and how Du Yang made my day

Buuut I don't have the time, so here's a complete random outfit post with me looking slightly retarded. I am not, just tired.

Motivi dress, United Colors of Benetton blazer and bag, no name tights, over the knee American Apparel socks and JC 99 zip wedge

Also, meet Bf. He has to put up with me being insanely nervous. He's doing a pretty good job so far.

5 comentarii:

TheDreamer spunea...

Because you heart shoes as I do and you are inspiring to other people too, I know that :D, you won one of my blogger awards.

Hope you won't swear me :).


Mad Hatter spunea...

I won't :D
xoxo back
and btw, Enigma Otiliei este una dintre my favorite books of all time.
And pfff, it's gonna take a while till I'll be able to reply
MUST study. MUST NOT google shoes. And OMFG, there are so many shoes I neeeed to google right now.

miha.ela spunea...

Mad Hatter spunea...

Am gasit si eu postul ala recent, dar ceva nu imi place la outfit. Cred ca palaria care imi aminteste mai degraba de St Patricks si de little green men protecting their treasure. You know, at the end of the rainbow.
God I need a break :)

TheDreamer spunea...

Google support from the Dreamland!
Backups :p