marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Today Is a Great Day

Say it with me, boys and girls. Today is a GREAT day. Come on, we all need a little self support. Apparently I am the luckiest pea in the pot, as my Jeffrey Campbell 99 zip wedges are going to arrive in just a couple of days and not at the end of November, as expected, because they actually had my size in the warehouse and I didn't go on backorder (yay for me). In the meantime, I'm cramming my head full of science, clinging to sanity by quite a thin thread. Speaking of my ardent desire of becoming a psychiatrist, here's a ever so cool video I found via Sea of Ghosts (yes, while stalking the JC shoes) (great blog btw).

Also, speaking of shoes, Jeffrey Campbell is going over the edge (over the wedge more like it). Here is a preview of their two new styles, Alexa Wedge Bootie and the Poland Lace up Booties.

The Alexa Wedge Bootie is a clear Acne Atacoma wannabe and the Poland Lace up Booties are 'inspired' by the Burberry Prorsum ankle boots. For the moment, there's no info on prices and availability. Take a look at the originals. Quite similar, wouldn't you say? Frankly, I would hug Jeffrey Campbell for making these cause there's no way in hell I'm paying over $400 for the real Acne wedges.

Acne Atacoma Wedge, $480 from Acne

Burberry booties, $895

Speaking of Burberry, here's a shoe for the road. The Burberry Suede Wedge Boots. Coveted by many, they can be seen on the feet of MK Olsen (well, nobody does the granny look like her). With a 18 cm heel and a 6 cm wedge, these are quite the shoes. JC, please please make something like these?

I'd be 208 cm while wearing these.

MK Olsen, looking, well, taller.

2 comentarii:

Alicia - Sea Of Ghosts spunea...

For reals, right? I kinda want the Acne copies.

Mad Hatter spunea...

Me too, hopefully they won't be too expensive
They're featured on the LF page
And they're limited edition. I'm guessing women will be killing over these :D