joi, 8 octombrie 2009

Random Shoe Post of the Day

Note to Irregular Choice: please stop making AMAZING footwear. I have several reasons for my request.
1. I live far far away from England, thus I cannot even try on your wonders. It took a lot of hunting until I got my hands on a pair of IC shoes.
2. I have a LOT of studying to do, thus I cannot spend my time drooling over my keyboard, in awe of those damn amazing shoes.
3. I am tired of considering selling one of my kidneys in order to get a pair of those beyondwords LONGLASHES. Seriously, I am inlove with whomever made those (and yeah, I know it's a dude).
Seriously, check out the latest collection. For more, go on the official site

These shoes are going to be the core of most of my erotic dreams. Way to go Irregular Choice! But seriously, even tho I resent you guys for making shoes I won't be able to own, the latest collection reminds me why I believed in you since the beginning. Every pair has such amazing details and for some reason I believe it shows they were made more because it was fun to make them rather than for wanting to sell a million pieces. Kudos!

7 comentarii:

TheDreamer spunea...

I saw them last week too.
I lost my heart between the keys of the keyboard.
:( Damn!
If I could get a job in this country, I swear my first paiment would be on the bill towards IC!
Maybe 2 bills?
Or 3?
Make it 4! For each season :D
I'm not fussy at all, right?

Mad Hatter spunea...

In a dream reality, we wouldn't need food, just shoes.
I'm so glad I'm joined in this IC obsession :D (I'm not alone thus I cannot be wrong, right?)

cherecharlott spunea...

m-am indragostit de acest site, mi se pare genial; noroc ca am intrat pe blogul tau.

Mad Hatter spunea...

asa incep obsessile... intamplator :D

cosmicaudrey spunea...

tanti...head up! au si in romania:

Mad Hatter spunea...

Stiu, dar a tad overpriced si doar o mica parte din colectie. I want the real deal :D

TheDreamer spunea...

Yep, we're the IR team:D!