luni, 5 octombrie 2009

Winter Wedge

Minimarket Wedge, around 350 euros, available somewhere I can't remember right now

Office Minky Linky, around 100 euros, available at Office

Acne Atacoma Wedge, $400, sold out everywhere

We Who See Nash Bootie, $88, available at Urban Outfitters

TOPSHOP Ashish, 300 euros, sold out

Jeffrey Campbell studded tick, sold out, you can get the unstudded version for $200 at Shopbop

Charlotte Olympia, 800 euroes at Browns
I believe the madness started when the infamous Atacoma Wedge hit the internet. Starting then, it was like everyone rediscovered the wedge. Here are a few of the most popular wedges for F/W '09. Some are quite expensive, like the 800 euroes Charlotte Olimpia ones, some are definitely affordable, like the $88 We Who See Nash Bootie. Some are sold out, like the TOPSHOP Ashish and the Atacoma wedge, but some are to be restocked, like the Jeffrey Campbell 99 and the Jeffrey Campbell studded 'tick'.

And yeah, some of these scream 'Spice Girls' like there's no tomorrow, but boy do they look great on.

Stephanie from PositiveMelancholy rocking black Ashish booties

Nylon scan featuring Ashish booties

Alexa Chung wearing Atacoma Wedges

This girl wearing Atacoma Wedges

And to be completely honest, I believe Vivienne Westood had a big say in the whole wedge trend, quite a while back, when she gave the world these little wonders (there's a really cool version of these made for Melissa shoes by Vivi enne Westood herself).

I for one cave in just today and ordered the Jeffrey Campbell 99 wedge, the one I've been obsessing in another post about. Being on backorder is such an ordeal and I just know they're going to pop out somewhere in the next week or so. And yeah, they are going to look like black bricks on my feet, but in such an awesome bricky way.

Jeffrey Campbell 99 zip, $98, available on backorder from Needsupply

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TheDreamer spunea...

Jeffrey Campbell is so inspiring.
If you have the chance to stand in one of those wedges, I sincerely congratulate you, missy:)!

You'll feel like awesome!


Mad Hatter spunea...

less than 2 months to go :P

Sims 3 bebela spunea...

Sunt superbe!!Eu am vazut pe diferite site-uri straine dar imi e asa sa comand!!