sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2009

Quick Halloween Post

YES, I know we don't have an actual Halloween. But it's a good excuse as any to take a break and share with you some images that on other occasions you might say they're just too weird. So, here goes:

The NEXT LEVEL of the 'hoof shoes'. I love how painful these look

Zippers + Wedges = Love (Scary and Fierce Love)

These are made by Lisa Black and they represent one of the most creative form of taxidermy art I have ever seen.

If I may quote a very spiritual figure of the music scene, so to say, 'Who Killed Bambi?'

Note: all pictures have found their way onto my computer from various websites. As soon as I;ll have the time I will look for their specific source.

GIANT PS: here's a look at the Alexa Wedge bootie, $195, available from the LF stores. Isn't it fun how they called it the 'Alexa' bootie? Anyway, it's pretty cool and waaay cheaper than the Acne ones
And no, I am not dead, just hyperventilating. 14 days to go.

joi, 22 octombrie 2009

Random Post On Everything

Ok, so I would love to tell you guys about a whole bunch of stuff. Stuff like:

Why this is my favorite pictorial of Rick Owen

How I found not one alternative to Burrbery's wedges

But actually two, and one of them is really affordable

How Givency is following in Ann D's footsteps for the SS wedges

How this is the cutest VISA I've ever seen

How we're all simple people

How Emma Cook is a genius

But Osman Yousefzada is definitely insane

My obsession with knitwear and how Du Yang made my day

Buuut I don't have the time, so here's a complete random outfit post with me looking slightly retarded. I am not, just tired.

Motivi dress, United Colors of Benetton blazer and bag, no name tights, over the knee American Apparel socks and JC 99 zip wedge

Also, meet Bf. He has to put up with me being insanely nervous. He's doing a pretty good job so far.

sâmbătă, 17 octombrie 2009

Ghost City

Naturally, I couldn't stay still so I dragged bf out to test my new JC wedges. Here's an outfit post for your enjoyment. Btw, ever seen Ghost City? It's been on my favorite list for a long long time, you should watch it.

Bershka leather jacket, Stradivarius cardigan, H&M jeans, H&M layered top, United Colors of Benetton bag, Jeffrey Campbell 99 zip wedge

No, I am not asleep, I'm just resting my eyes.

See? I almost look alive

Do ignore the hair, I am. Less than two months until I get THE haircut (panic atac starting already)
Well, much love to you darlings and have a lovely weekend!
The Hatter

vineri, 16 octombrie 2009

Knock Knock, Who's There?


Finally, they arrived. The Jeffrey Campbell 99 zip wedge. I think I'm going to sleep with these shoes on. Awesomeness at its best. I can't wait to go somewhere wearing them. (even tho I'm basically house bound at the moment due to Acute Lack of Time for Studying -isis (see what I did there, so clever)). They are soooo comfortable and the leather is soooo soft. Had to put on the Catholic school girl socks for this ocasion. But they go with everything. Gah, I'm going to stop talking nonsense now. Will do an outfit post when I get the chance.
Also, a big big thank you to the people at Need Supply, as they found my size way sooner than expected.
Much love darlings.
The Insanely Mad Hatter

joi, 15 octombrie 2009

Thank You for the Inspiration

Photo by Bradut Florescu
A while back, I had the pleasure of doing a few article translations for a Romanian travel site, AmazingRace.ro. Today I found out that Bradut Florescu, the one that hired me has left for Thailand for an undetermined period of time. Take a second and read his blog. It's inspiring in such a simple and powerful way that I'm left without words. You are indeed the President of your own world.

marți, 13 octombrie 2009

Today Is a Great Day

Say it with me, boys and girls. Today is a GREAT day. Come on, we all need a little self support. Apparently I am the luckiest pea in the pot, as my Jeffrey Campbell 99 zip wedges are going to arrive in just a couple of days and not at the end of November, as expected, because they actually had my size in the warehouse and I didn't go on backorder (yay for me). In the meantime, I'm cramming my head full of science, clinging to sanity by quite a thin thread. Speaking of my ardent desire of becoming a psychiatrist, here's a ever so cool video I found via Sea of Ghosts (yes, while stalking the JC shoes) (great blog btw).

Also, speaking of shoes, Jeffrey Campbell is going over the edge (over the wedge more like it). Here is a preview of their two new styles, Alexa Wedge Bootie and the Poland Lace up Booties.

The Alexa Wedge Bootie is a clear Acne Atacoma wannabe and the Poland Lace up Booties are 'inspired' by the Burberry Prorsum ankle boots. For the moment, there's no info on prices and availability. Take a look at the originals. Quite similar, wouldn't you say? Frankly, I would hug Jeffrey Campbell for making these cause there's no way in hell I'm paying over $400 for the real Acne wedges.

Acne Atacoma Wedge, $480 from Acne

Burberry booties, $895

Speaking of Burberry, here's a shoe for the road. The Burberry Suede Wedge Boots. Coveted by many, they can be seen on the feet of MK Olsen (well, nobody does the granny look like her). With a 18 cm heel and a 6 cm wedge, these are quite the shoes. JC, please please make something like these?

I'd be 208 cm while wearing these.

MK Olsen, looking, well, taller.

luni, 12 octombrie 2009

Visual Stimulation Day

Oh how I die. Here's some stuff that really made my day. Sorry for the lack of updates, I don't have a lot of time on my hands. Also, been making some rather odd shoe purchases and will share when they arrive.

Rick Owen shark fin boots 2008

Ann D S/S 2010.

Rick Owen. Rick Owen. Rick Owen.


My staircase to heaven.

P.S I got a lil sneak peak at the stuff that's going to be available for sale on the Mad Hatter blog. All I can tell you it's is worth the wait.