joi, 26 noiembrie 2009

Saints vs Killers

Fine, this may not be the most inspired title I've ever written, but the following two jackets sure are. So, I'm going to get a leather jacket as a 'yay, you're a doctor' thing. I narrowed my options to the following two:

All Saints Dresden jacket Kill City Drapey jacket

Where shall I start? Price wise, they're quite close. The Kill City one has a strong Rick Owen feel to it, but the All Saints one has those SHOULDERS and that ZIPPER. Kill City is asymmetry at it's best, but the All Saints one has that cowl collar that's just out of this world. That being said, I dunno what to pick. Your thoughts?
And apparently I'm turning into a fashion drone and might want to forever live at Oak. Damn it.

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A Dreamer spunea...



Alice in vintageland spunea...

This is tough but I would go with All Saints - I loooooove the shoulders and the zipper (that being said I also very much like the Rick Owens vibe of the other one):):):)))))))))))

Vintaggeria spunea...

all saints for me, but i have a feeling you;re gonna choose the other one in the end:)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Frankly, I'm in such a dilema.
I've also found an amazing drapped coat thing from Max Mara.
Internetul asta ofera prea multe variante :P