miercuri, 18 noiembrie 2009

It's All About Shoe Stalking

I've been wanting to feature the shoes from Illex Kinni for a while now, but only now have gotten the chance. I have to say I'm simply in love with The Dancer, but wouldn't mind having a love affair with all the other models. This is the first collection for Casey Egan and Jillian Shannon and I must say, they gave me a reason for wanting to live in Australia. I'm looking forward to more of their work and plan to actually own a pair of the awesomeness that is Illex Kinni.

Also, I was impressed with the concept and photography (nice work guys)

The Dancer

All pictures Illex Kinni

They are supposed to launch their online shop soon and I will update as soon as that happens.

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A Dreamer spunea...

The first pair of shoes!
Let's steal them from there, clone 2 times and share it:D

I'm so good, right? :p