joi, 5 noiembrie 2009

Oddly, This Post is Shoe Unrelated

Today is just one of those days when my brain is refusing to obey me. Nonetheless, I force fed it the entire 'Renal insufficiency' chapter and I intend to do more damage in a while, so until then, let's all look at pretty clothes and stuff.

First off some Jimmy Choo for H&M pieces. They have an intriguing casual glam feel to them and the ethnic poncho thing is quite inspiring (what is it with me and knitwear lately). What I find disturbing is the sequin blazer/ bf jeans combo, which make the model's head seem really really small. Or it's just me, I don't know. Frankly, because we live in a non H&M country, and my opportunities to actually shop H&M are limited, I often use their line as inspiration.

Jimmy Choo for H&M

Next, perfection in the form of this pictorial from Harper's Baazar Russia. See the last one with the printed dress? It completely reminds me of a Mark Ryden picture, even her pose. And don't judge, Mark Ryden has such intricate allegorical meanings in his works that you simply cannot call him a weirdo. Marion Peck, on the other hand, is quite weird (but also quite remarkable to my little twisted persona)

Harper's Baazar Russia

Mark Ryden

And last, here's a little twisted something from the vintage times. I think it takes the cake in terms of bedroom accessories. Apparently Grandma was quite the Dominatrix. (not my Grandma people, stop thinking nonsense) (although I should ask)


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