duminică, 29 noiembrie 2009


You know, I'm slightly anxious and slightly sad, because yesterday I chose a definite path in my existence. No more choices are to be made from now on (sort of, but it sounds more dramatic this way). During med school, I was strongly attracted to two options: forensic (legal) medicine and psychiatry, in spite of loving surgery for its superb logic. These two were, to me, the only two viable options. During my 6th year I've become more inclined towards psychiatry and had become definite, towards the end, that was the path I want to follow. But yesterday, as my turn to decide was approaching, I was secretly hoping those two spots available in forensic medicine would be occupied faster so I wouldn't have that option at all. By the time they got to me, they were still available. I filched for a second and all the poetry that is the human anatomy raced through my mind. And I chose psychiatry. I hope that 40 years from now, when I'll look back, I'll be positive it was the right choice. For now, I'm happy I made it and it makes me, in spite of all the anxiety, feel complete.

To all of you, I hope you're happy with the choices you make everyday and realize that although some of them close some paths, they also open new ones. Doubt is probably one of our biggest enemies in life and the source of insecurity and unhappiness. Believe in yourselves and try to be happy.

Yours truly, the Definitely Mad Hatter (come on, now you get it why this blog was called the Mad Hatter?)

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Tutti frutti spunea...

Good luck honey with this choice!I'm sure it will be worth it ;)
Off topic : Mi-au placut atat de mult ghetutele tale Jeffrey Campbell ca nu am rezistat si acum o luna si jumatate am dat si eu comanda (preorder desigur).Au ajuns joia trecuta, toate bune si frumoase, sunt superbe, le ador, numai ca ma strang groaznic la degete desi marimea e corecta.Am crezut ca se vor mai lasa si am incercat tot felul de metode precum spirt, crema hidratanta sau bagati in congelator (:D uneori merge) dar n-am reusit decat sa ii stric pe interior.Au ramas niste pete...de toata frumusetea.Si degeaba, tot nu ii pot purta.De returnat nici nu mai poate fi vorba...Imi vine sa ma sinucid(la propriu).Tu ai avut vreo problema cu marimea?

Mad Hatter spunea...

Ma, la mine sunt un pic mai mari decat era necesar, dar e ok ca ii pot purta si cu sosete suplimentare. Cand i-am comandat eram convinsa ca JC sunt true to size.
Daca iti sunt ingusti du-i la un cizmar sa ii puna pe calapod de lemn (sau cum se mai cheama), ii tine asa cateva zile si nu ar trebui sa fie probleme, pentru ca pielea se intinde. Oricum, scoate-i din frigider :P
Sper sa te poti bucura de ei, la mine e a love story :D

Tutti frutti spunea...

La cizmar m-am dus prima data dar mi-a spus ca nu are calapod pentru asa ceva (say what?), ca e modelul ciudat si ca nu se baga ca nu cumva sa-i strice.Nu stiu ce sa ma mai fac cu ei :|

Mad Hatter spunea...

I'm so sorry, cred ca vor aparea doritoare, chiar sunt geniali :D
With all honesty, pacat ca nu sunt marimea mea pentru ca intentionez sa le cumpar insotit;ori alor mei (da, da, I am a freak :)

Tutti frutti spunea...

Te inteleg.De cand am dat comanda si pana au venit, mi-au aparut in vise zilnic :)) Daca nu m-ar durea, as lua o forfecuta si mi-as taia un deget...merita.

hybrid_rainbow spunea...

While reading your post about choices I remembered the struggle I've been through 6 months ago when I had to decide the path I was to choose from that moment on. My options were Arts and Behavioral Science. I chose the second one but it still took me a long time to accept it. I still love both and probably I always will... So, yeah, your post felt just like that time

Mad Hatter spunea...

Hei, chiar recent ajunsesem pe blogul tau si ma intrebam ce se mai intampla cu tine. Glad to know you're still alive and kickin` :)