luni, 11 octombrie 2010

Today's Outfit and a Tad of Subliminal Messaging

Well fine, it's just today's outfit because it seems I am unable to produce a working gif. Anyways, today was finally warm enough to shed a few layers and finally wear the parka I've been keeping in my closet for a while now. I paired it with a lovely mods dress (insane colors, yay) and voila, good to go. But don't be fooled, I didn't hop around the psychiatric hospital dressed like this (for a whole lot of reasons, one of them being some patients are particulary attracted to bright colors). This morning I went like Miss Goodie Two Shoes (I'm having a plaid moment again).

This is how I dressed this morning for work

In truth big boobs can't work with high wasted anything, boohoohoo!

In other news, I have a question for all the Ugg lovers out there: have you bought the fake version? There's been a ton of them around last year and I'm curious about quality. Is it real fur? Do the soles wear out fast? Are they true to size? I'm speaking about the ones with the UGG symbol in the back, some of them are being sold as ''authentic'' - they are not.

O intrebare pentru iubitoarele de cizme Ugg: ati cumparat versiunea fake care a circulat intens pe bloguri anul trecut? (si probabil va circula si anul acesta). Daca da, ce parere aveti vizavi de calitate - material, talpa, corespondenta marimilor? Multumiri in avans pentru orice informatie :)

5 comentarii:

cosmofever spunea...

nu am cumpărat fakeuri...în schimb am şi o pereche de emu, care sunt de foarte bună calitate şi costă undeva în jurul a 90-100 de euro. piele, talpa foarte rezistentă, blană naturală în, ce reclamă le fac :))

Mad Hatter spunea...

ar trebui sa primesti comision :P
I shall look into it, thanks a bunch!

Boheme.Fille spunea...

I really like that dress you wore today!..and always love to wear high-waisted clothes!..Sorry, can't help you with the fake uggs.

Heels lover spunea...

Hmmm...i'm also very attracted to bright colours(does this make me alike those patients?:D)
Anyway, about the uggs, i own a pair but they don't have the UGG symbol on the back.Bought them 2 years ago for about 20$ from Deichmann if i remember correctly.They're not the real deal and not even the fake supposed ones but i've worn them to death and the fur, altough is fake, is still intact(extremely fluffy), the soles too and soooo comfortable.Ma rog, una peste alta, ideea este ca si-au meritat banii inzecit chiar daca nu sunt originale iar eu chiar nu stiu sa am grija de lucruri deci nu-ti imagina ca le-am tinut in puf si din cauza asta au rezistat.Daca ai vreun Deichmann prin apropiere si mai gasesti(stiu ca vazusem prin primavara sigur), incearca, chiar isi merita banii :)

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Boheme.Fille: thanks, it would go great with that orange jacket of yours :P
@HeelsLover: great tip, chiar avem Deichmann in Iasi (macar atat, daca Mini Prix nu), am sa ma mobilizez sa ajung pe acolo
And who knows... tell me... hearing any voices lately?:P