marți, 5 octombrie 2010

Random Post About Random Stuff

I'm freezing my ass off as I type because we don't have any heat just yet so I figured to keep the blood flowing by typing some random gibberish. Speaking of freezing, why can't we have at least decent weather here? We have no H&M, no sushi places, no high paid jobs, I figure some nice warm weather could have compensate. But noooo, we have to experience the Siberian winter (which I hear is NOT as harsh as ours).
At work the ceiling is falling down on us (and our medical office turns out to actually be a deposit room, who knew), I definitely need to post some pictures soon.

This is what I wore today, the other girls at work found the outfit quite odd and this degenerated into a whole discussion on romanian's views on fashion trends. Frankly I find most romanians to be quite fashion blind but that has never bothered me before, for all I care they can wear a potato sack as a dress (they'd never be that cool:D). What I do find annoying is how judgmental they are towards other people. Anything they don't understand or aren't accustomed to gets qualified as wrong and a laughing matter. Why are sandals and sock still an issue?! What can't we wear dressed over jeans and when will Ugg boots be accepted as footwear? How about you guys, have you ever had trouble with the way you dressed around other people?

On a whole different side, I recently got this adorable mini doctor's bag. It doesn't look that small from the pics but it's actually quite tiny. I feel the need to pet it rather than wear it.
Anyways, smile to the Sun Gods cause we need some shine :)
P.S: yeah, we're messy.

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marţipan spunea...

Romanian women are just plain stupid. they think that just because cool people like you (and me, ofc :D) don't say anything about their ridiculously plain ugly outfits it's because we love them, not because we let them be and respect them as they are, even if it hurts us too see them dressed all the same. i swear, i'll never be able to fully comprehend why everybody feels the need to be judgemental about clothes. when it's crystal clear that clothes reflect ones personality. soo it's like saying "you grew up in a wrong manner. let me fix you!". besides, i don't see the point in saying something about an unusual outfit to someone if that someone is waaaay past puberty. it's like they hold THE truth and you, the stupid stupid creature need to be instructed on how to properly dress and accesorize. like you are supposed to say "oh my. thank you. i really hate the way i dress, i just don't know how to be as cool as you. show me, please!". sheesh.
oo and don't get me started on jewelery. i'm tired of being suggested to try out tiny ugly silver or gold earrings in stead of my amazing handmade ones. i know that type of earrings exists, i just chose not to wear it, thank you very much for your interest.
and bags. they seem to hate handmade bags. in fact, they seem to hate everything that's handmade. they treat it like it's useless garbage and you wear it because you can't afford a manufactured bag. yeah, bitches, you should know that i own a very expensive handmade bag that costed waaay more than your made in china kitsch.
ook, now i'm less frustrated. thanks for asking, i really needed to let some steam out.

Mad Hatter spunea...

I totally hear you sister! Ever noticed the look of pity they give you when you say something is hand made? As if you've just done the biggest mistake of your life (insert eyes rolling here). And really now, can't we all just shut up when it comes to personal choices in fashion? I know most of us do, those with common decency, although I feel like screaming every time I see patent pointy toe stiletto heel boots.
Yesterday I had a hard time trying to explain to my co workers that not wearing a 15 den stockings is not really a crime, more like an act of mercy (I'm sorry but I hate low den stockings, they remind me of communism and I believe they make all legs look chubby)
Meh, to each their own, but I honestly can't wait to live in a more tolerant country