miercuri, 13 octombrie 2010

Today's Outfit and a Fat Cat

See? A cat. It's fat (and a tad cranky).
I love myself some over the knee heavy knitted socks. Only problem is when wearing them I can't fit my feet in anything other than Ugg boots, unless I want to wear some open toe sandals in the middle of winter, which I may be considering due to the awesomeness of this socks. Rant , over, resume all activity.

5 comentarii:

Alice in vintageland spunea...

Looks awesome: so warm and cozy!:)

Heels lover spunea...

I love fat cats!The fatter the better :D
De unde ai luat sosetele?Caut de ceva timp si nu gasesc pe nicaieri:|

Vintaggeria spunea...

i can't seem to be able to remove my gray over the knee socks, inca de cand le-am luat acum vreo 2 sapt. eu n-am pozat niciuna din combinatii da m-au tras in poza de la niste siteuri (foarte lenese se pare) so i shall share. apropo, au fost la beau monde-u de luna asta, 12 lei total.

Boheme.Fille spunea...

I like the outfit! Esp. the sweater and bag!..and I like the fat cat!:)


Mad Hatter spunea...

I am so slow!
@Alice: thanks darlin
@HL: astea is primite cadou, am vazut foooarte asemanatoare pe Ebay, sunt unele foarte tari si pe TOPSHOP
@Vintaggeria: take off the socks... take them off now! Pe de alta parte eu am unele pentru casa mega groase care parca au crescut pe mine :D
@BF: thanks, it was an awesome cat, didn't want to be hugged tho