vineri, 8 octombrie 2010

Today's Outfit and Season Sales!

In truth I'm hoping to distract you from the mess with all the photo effects. Is it working yet? This damn cat is so adorable I could eat her (I'm not gonna, relax). Which reminds me of some news I heard a while back about a guy in the US who was stopped by the police and they found in his car a pet carrier where he was marinating his pet cat (the cat was still alive, just soaking in what proved to be soy sauce and such). The cat was rescued, yay. But god, the world is filled with insanity, right? And not the good kind.
As much as I'm hating the cold I can't help but enjoy the comfort of warm clothing and the pleasure of piling them up. I swear, someday I'll have a basic wardrobe, with just a few essential items, not the holly grail of clothes chaos that is my closet.
I'll soon be posting more of my stuff so stay tuned.
P.S: I have no idea why I stare like that. It's one of those things. (and no, I don't need to make sense)

Reduceri semnificative la toate produsele disponibile iar in curand postari noi cu multe haine calduroase!

Palton anii 70, pret initial 95 RON, pret redus 65 RON, detalii aici.

Sandale Irregular Choice, pret initial 120 RON, pret redus 85 RON, detalii aici.

Trenci H&M, pret initial 180 RON, pret redus 140 RON, detalii aici si aici.

Pulovar tricotat, pret initial 45 RON, pret redus 30 RON, detalii aici. SOLD

Fusta boho, pret initial 65 RON, pret redus 35 RON, detalii aici. SOLD

Rochie Zara, pret initial 65 RON, pret redus 40 RON, detalii aici.


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