duminică, 17 octombrie 2010

Today's Outfit and Cupcake Babies

I know, the background for the first two pictures is totally blowing you away, right? Let's call it urban jungle or something to that extent and move on, shall we?
Remember the times when wearing two different types of prints in one outfit was considered a crime? Well not any more and truth is there are a lot of combos that really work. At the time I consider living in this giant duffle oversized sweater - a mega thrift find (cheap too, I think it was 30 RON or something around that area). The best part? It actually has skinny sleeves - at least not the bat wing kind.
In other irrelevant news - I made cupcakes! Cupcakes babies even. Vanilla flavored and filled with blueberry jam, they were quite a hit with my friends. I may be slowly turning into a housewife. True story.

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