joi, 29 aprilie 2010

So Today I

Bought a shark tee.

Complained about space.

Decided Bunny needs a wash.

Bought Bf some jeans.

Ate some oranges.

Worried Kitty fell out of the window (again).

Played around with a grey dress and the Moschino belt.

Popped a whole lot of bubble tape.

How was your day?

And the reason for the post is... sometimes when I feel overly philosophical (every 12 minutes or so) I wonder how our lives will be when we'll get old. EVERYTHING has changed since our parents were young, technology wise . We can now document every single moment of our lives. Many of us have blogs. Can you imagine showing your blog to your grandchildren? In a way we get to keep so much more than our parents ever had the chance. But on a different level I find it all very sad, as with every photo I take of myself and the ones around me I feel a little bit older. I guess it makes me acknowledge time passing more brutally.

Moment ended, resume previous activities. And look up Miriam Your Toast Is Burning if you're a ska fan.

13 comentarii:

Anonim spunea...

I really really really like your stories (especially this one) and your blog! Way to go! ;-)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Thanksies, it's seriously rewarding knowing people read the slightly retarded stuff I write :)

A dreamer. spunea...

Me loves very much bubbles and not falling ur kitty off the window!

Mad Hatter spunea...

Kitty survived another day :D
She's down to five lives anyways

Anonim spunea...

hey.. :)
I cried all day but finally I found some reasons to smile. It`s a bad habit so I try to remove it..
Anyway ..
am vrut doar sa-ti spun ca te admir asa cum te cunosc de pe blog si ca-mi place cum iti manifesti "pasiunea" pentru fashion.
Toate bune,

Vintaggeria spunea...

1. mai disturbing mi se pare inversul, think about ce-ar fi sa fi avut parintii nostri bloguri pe cand erau de varsta noastra. si gigi intregi de poze digitale. a lot of stuff would be less dreamy.
2.deci sa ma ingrijorez cand asta al meu saliveaza dupa gagicutele din fata blocului? la insecte si porumbei se rezuma la a le 'latra'(seriously, he's a barking kitteh), but i'm afraid right now for some casual sex si-ar da o viata.

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Andreea: some days are made for crying (takes one to know one)
Multumesc, e bine cat timp am ceva de spus:)
Here's to bad habits darling!

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Vintaggeria: realizezi ce fucked up o sa fie copii nostri, right? Mommy was this insane chick posing on the internet... (and we have proof!)
Sa fie multumiti daca nu documentam momentul conceperii:D
2.speaking of,make him wear a condom :D you don't know where those pussies have been (yeah... I'm a pervert)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Si fix acuma mi-am amintit... am vazut filmuletul vostru cu matzu latrator. Pure gold I tells ya :D

Alice in vintageland spunea...

Lovely article. I sometimes even scary myself with philosophical questions like the ones you talked about:). The thing is I’m really scared of getting old not because I’m vain (which I am a little bit) but mainly because I’m afraid of not “being and doing enough”.
That being said today was a total waist of an outfit for me; I’ve actually made photos of a slide show during a web conference call. I love popping bubble tape – it’s so fun and relaxing.

Vintaggeria spunea...

Nu m-as mira sa existe deja conceperi documentate in real time. after all, exista bebelusi cu blog, which I think is veeery unsettling. cam din categoria pervy-uncle-hitting-on-your-friends unsettling :P
Cat despre blanosul ce doarme cu sarg si pasiune in varful hainelor de voiam sa le postez, I'm taking him on a ball-trimming trip soon :P (you may be a pervert, but I call and raise you a hint of dark humor)

Mad Hatter spunea...

@Alice: cred ca 'what if'-urile ne vor omori intr-un final. Eu am un plan, more of a fantasy: when we get old, me and Bf want to sit around, smoke opium and play addictive video games.
And no2: dude, what a day. You need some bubble tape:)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Yuck. There's always a pervy uncle. Vizavi de documentarea asta, la un nivel eu cred ca incurajeaza voyerismul si stalkingul (sau le face mai usoare:P)
And dude, the poor cat. I'm postponing that moment for mine as much as possible, I just know she'll resent me forever and ever and pee on my stuff.