joi, 22 aprilie 2010

Dream Catcher

Sooo, spring is here, huh? Btw, do you know what's the biggest mood influence? Luminosity. Luminosity instability, to be more specific. That's why depression occurs more often during spring and autumn because our brains and bodies react to all the freaking chance. Light, dark, cold, sunny, wind, make up your mind already!

Work has been sooo rewarding lately, gave me a nice positive feeling. Today I wrote my second med prescription, feeling more and more doctory (not a real word, but you get the point) with every day that passes. The one thing that is obviously clear is that my notion of 'normal' will definitely widen over time. They might have a point when saying psychiatrists get mad over time. I guess I'm having fun with the process.

The TOPSHOP boots arrived recently and I'm happy as a pickle. Do excuse the slightly pornish pictures and the awful background outfit one, camera died before allowing me to snap decent ones. The boots are actually gray and the leather is very soft, which came as a rather pleasant surprise. Also notice the wacky eyes. Yeah, I do that.

Here's my latest obsession, the dream catcher pendant. Not really a dream catcher, more of a freakish face inside a metal cage, but I feel good wearing it. And yes, darling sister of mine, I sort of stole it from you. So it has emotional value :)

Tomorrow we're off to Cluj so have a nice weekend everyone!

It catches dreams. Or stares at you in a really odd way.

Scary eyes outfit post
TOPSHOP OTK boots, Zara leggings, TOPSHOP? shorts, Bershka blouse, All Saints leather jacket

7 comentarii:

A dreamer. spunea...

what'c'ur doing in cluj?
off to the handmade fair? or just to feel nice?:p
we're both dream catchers you know?
I may be in Cluj too, saturday :">.

Alice in vintageland spunea...

I love them - they're just too cool!:)

Mad Hatter spunea...

@A dreamer: visiting a baby:P
@Alice :D

cosmofever spunea...

Superbe cizmele!
On a sort of freaky note, ştii ce mi-a cântat automat în minte când am văzut pozele din postul ăsta? "Legs" de la ZZ Top - mă rog, o parte din refren, then it just gets too strange - even for me :P

Killer legs!

Vintaggeria spunea...

you kinda remind me of helena bonham carter in alice in wonderland, in the last picture ;)) at least in one of the promo pictures

SMLXL spunea...

Asadar si prin urmare vii la Cluj? Aduci si cizmele (minunate by the way)?:) Sper sa iti placa oraselul nostru.

Mad Hatter spunea...

@cosmofever: nuthin is too freaky baby :P and thanks :D
@Vintaggeria: mad eyes is one of my superpowers
@SMLXL: am ajuns, amazingly in one piece. Imi place Clujul, always have, din pacate caracterul vizitei imi limiteaza mult nevoia de a wonder around, hobo like :P Si momentan am si sentimentul de 'calcata de tren' dupa calatoria de 9 ore. If baby crying won't kill me, dunno what can :P