joi, 1 aprilie 2010

0.99 Thrills

Sugar boots, Cheap Monday jeans, Zara dress, Ebay jacket, vintage bag

I do think of myself as an impulsive buyer and quite a consumer. But I do blame most of that on the system, the world and the rest (typical for a psychiatrist). But when that urge to buy something really kicks in at least I try to buy VERY cheap stuff so I won't have as many regrets later. This jacket was one of those buys. I got it for 0.99 pounds off Ebay (shipping was close to 4 pounds) and I adore it. It has no label, it's made of a wool fabric and has a very odd shape. It's slightly asymmetric and the sleeves gather in a hard-to-define way, plus it has a stiff cut to the collar. Not sure how clear the pictures are, but short story long, I love it.

In other irrelevant news, it looks like I got myself a replacement for the Sugar boots I'm refusing to give up. These insane over the knee TOPSHOP Paramount babies are mine mine mine (insert insane laughter here).

On a different note, I'm in the middle of reading this book. In Romania the Borderline Disorder is rarely diagnosed and treated, as attention is focused on more 'apparent' pathology. Truth is there are many people amongst us living with the Borderline Disorder and finding little, if no help at all in those around. I've found this book to be very useful and I would recommend it not only to professionals, but mostly to the educated reader. It is available here or you can email me for a .pdf copy.

As in regards to this picture, besides really loving it (bf is starting to get the hang of it), we took it when we went to see 'Eu cand vreau sa fluier, fluier'. Did you guys see it? What did you think of the movie?

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Mia Serena spunea...

how much were the boots ? they kick ass seriously ^_^ ..Enjoy'em ! :D

Mad Hatter spunea...

Thanksies :)Close to 500 RON, shipping included. Got them off Ebay and they're not new, but the original $310 was not in my price range :D

Mia Serena spunea...

Awesome ! I'm a bargain addicted too, really. I've read that you're from Iasi, I have a close friend there who told me that she bought herself a Topshop bag (really neat!) from a SH store for about 50 ron, and lots of goodies. I frequently check them out too ^^. Also i spend some time on ebay, but unfortunately I ain't so lucky

Mad Hatter spunea...

Faptul ca suntem o tara a lumii a treia cu multe SH-uri are avantajele ei :D
Primele zile dupa ce mi-am facut cont de Paypal au fost petrecute pe Ebay, pana cand mi-au pocnit cateva vase de la un ochi (I scared people:P). Acum stiu sa vanez cam orice pe Ebay si sa licitez cand trebuie - most of the stuff I buy is 'last minute', mai exact ultimele 12 secunde :P
Eu cred ca SH-urile si Ebay-ul sunt o alternativa excelenta, nu doar pentru preturi ci mai ales pentru selectia de haine.

Anonim spunea...

To answer the final question: I too , have seen the movie. What can I possibly say.. We can do it big time!