marți, 27 aprilie 2010

On the Zip Side

I love myself some zippers. It's usually the shiny, oddly positioned ones that get me. Retarded? Definitely. But worth it none the less. And for a while now I've been obsessing about getting some skinnies with side zippers. You know the ones. They're basically on every blogger you've seen. And because I wanted to do some actual touching of clothing I went to browse Bershka, Pull& Bear, Stradivarius and Zara because that's where you usually find the extra trendy stuff of the season (sad but true). But apparently black skinny jeans with a nice side zipper are impossible to find. Either the zipper was too short (yeah, I'm like that, it has to be THE right size) or the color was impossible, anything but black, so I've left empty handed. I did like the floral tops from Bershka.

Naturally, I went online. The UK shops are currently having sales so I took advantage and bought these from TOPSHOP. I was actually reluctant, mostly because I'm toning down my clothing (and a zipper that goes all the way up is close to blasphemy around this part of the world) but there was only 1 pair left, in exactly my size. So I'm calling it fate and ignoring the credit card damage. Later on I did a bit of research and found two similar pairs, one from Asos ($68 down from $313, no wonder they're sold out) and one from Urban Outfitters, still available. I like the triple zipper on the ones from Asos but I think they look odd on the model, as if they are not a tight fit.

Una dintre obsesiile pe care le-am dezvoltat de-a lungul timpului au fost fermoarele. Mai exact fermoarele expuse. Daca sunt si pe un fond negru, sunt absolut invinsa. Avand in vedere ca singura mea pereche de jeans skinny negri dateaza de aproape 3 ani am hotarat sa gasesc o pereche de skinny jeans negri cu fermoare expuse la nivelul gleznei. Si pentru ca uneori (rar) imi doresc sa ating hainele inainte sa le cumpar, am aterizat in Zara, Pull& Bear, Stradivarius & Bershka in vederea indeplinirii scopuui propus (yeah, a girl with a goal). Natural, nu am gasit nici o pereche de culoarea potrivita cu fermoarul potrivit (dar am vazut cateva topuri florale care merita atentie). Astfel incat am ajuns tot online, unde am profitat de reducerile la magazinele din UK, la care avem in sfarsit acces, achizitionand aceasta pereche de la TOPSHOP. Stiu, am depasit usor notiunea de fermoar la nivelul gleznei. Dar cateodata (mereu) marimea conteaza.

Image via Flourish Boutique

Image via TOPSHOP (25£)

Image via Urban Outfitters ($30)

Asos ($68)

I did come across some other stuff I like but I managed to put down the credit card before it was too late. Here are some of my picks:

Cand se pune problema shoppingului online am senzatia ca este greu sa ma opresc. De data aceasta am reusit sa ma limitez doar la perechea de skinnies, desi m-au atras mai multe lucruri:


Miss Selfridge, 10 £

Miss Selfridge, 3 £

Miss Selfridge, 15 £



All in all, I can't wait for my order to arrive. And if all goes according to plan (yes, we actually plan stuff) next week we'll post some spring/summer dresses, yay!

In cazul in care nu ne incurcam in propriile planuri saptamana viitoare vor fi postari noi cu rochite de primavara vara :)

P.S: our titles are getting more and more moronic, aren't they. Oh well.

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Miki spunea...

n-am cumparat niciodata pantalonii de pe internet.. n-am inca curaj. sunt curioasa cum iti sunt produsele de la topshop. am vazut ca ce apare pe site-ul lor arata cam diferit in magazine. anyway..astept rochitele :)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Eu mai am pantaloni de la TOPSHOP si imi stiu marimea, oricum ma aventurez in general la orice tip de cumparaturi like a mindless freak :)

malina spunea...

cei de la urban Outfitters livreaza in Romania? eu nu am gasit Rom. pe siteul lor. tu cum ti.i achizitionezi?

Mad Hatter spunea...

@malina: urban outfitters nu trimit in Romania, ei relativ recent au facut bransa pentru Europa. Chiar recent am avut aceiasi discutie cu altcineva (eu ii tot confundam cu Eu pentru comenzi de pe site-uri americane fara livrare la noi profit de ajutorul unui prieten din State, initial am vrut sa fac comenzi prin intermediari dar tarifele sunt jenant de mari.