duminică, 28 martie 2010


We all know I'm going to pick the less practical one.

sâmbătă, 27 martie 2010

Boot Extravaganza

Cizme peste genunchi
Material: imitatie piele intoarsa
Marime: 10 US, 40 EU
Stare: purtate o singura data, ca noi
Detalii: inaltime toc 12 cm, platforma 2 cm, fermoar scurt pe partea interioara. Se pot purta peste genunchi sau coborate pe picior.
Pret 70 RON

Cizme Zara
Material: piele naturala
Marime: 41 pe talpa, 40 real
Stare: excelenta, o cizma are o portiune zgariata (prima poza) la varf
Pret 70 RON

Nota: toata incaltamintea publicata aici pentru vanzare face parte din garderoba personala. Ne pare rau, dar nu primim comenzi pentru alte marimi sau modele.
Va reamintim faptul ca din luna martie vom solicita plata partiala sau totala in avans, speram ca activitatea noastra de mai bine de un an va permite sa aveti incredere in noi :)

joi, 25 martie 2010

Awesomeness in a Box

A while back I was bragging about winning Karen's giveaway. Today my prize arrived and hell, it sure feels good to win. Jeffrey Campbell's Tick, now available at Solestruck (which I also thank for being so generous) just become my new favorite pair of shoes. The arch, the comfort, the wedge, the freaking AWESOMENESS of it all. I'm actually wearing them now, along with a gigantic grin. They also have two crazy versions of it, in fur, can you believe it? They arrived in the cutest box, which has printed on the bottom a lovely letter. My cat hoped in the box as soon as she saw it, because that's what she does. Loves boxes. All in all, I am as happy as a pickle in a marinate jar :) Do expect some outfit posts soon. Once again, thank you Karen :)
P.S: yes, that is a red mouse hanging in the background.

luni, 22 martie 2010

I Love Trash, Sort of

Sometimes I shouldn't be allowed near Photoshop. ANYWAYS, here's me and my worn down boots. These are Sugar over the knee boots that I've dragged out of my pile-o-crap (also knows as my stuff). I love these boots. They can be worn up, down, folded or not. they are perfect. That's why I've worn them to pieces. Actual pieces. They are broken, have a few holes on the soles and would be great for throwing away. But I can't. Because they don't make them anymore! There's no actual way I can replace them. So I'm sticking to them, forever! Don't judge :) How about you, do you have trouble throwing away stuff you love?

Sugar boots, La Redoute skirt, random H&M blouse, All Saints leather jacket

In other irrelevant news, I've recently developed a small fixation with the yellow/gray combination. Here's my solution to it:

I Love Ebay

And before people label us as annoying, a giant thanks to Ioana from Dark Vintage Bazar,
Mia from Mia Urban Glamour
and the lovely Oana and Ana from SMLXL (BTW, mereu am vrut sa stim, it's the book, right?)
pentru ca ne-au acordat premiu :D Noi suntem, desigur, Lenesi si teribili la ales lucruri (lucrurile ne aleg pe noi) asa ca vom acorda premiul tuturor (yeah, the easy way out). Dar sa recunoastem, daca nu ar exista 1000 de bloguri ziua noastra ar fi mai lunga :D
Happy Spring Everyone (but do remember Rabbits like green grass)
Zi Hatters

duminică, 21 martie 2010

School Girl Attitude

Rochie Atmosphere
100% poliester, captuseala 100% poliester
Marime 12 Uk
Lungime 100 cm
Bust maxim 100 cm
Talie maxim 82 cm
Stare noua fara eticheta
Detalii: prezinta cordon detasabil iar captuseala, sub forma de furou este detasabila
Pret 75 RON
NOTA: va multumim ca ne vizitati si ca sunteti alaturi de noi. Deoarece timpul nostru este mai pretios decat inainte nu mai acceptam decat comenzi cu plata integrala sau partiala in avans (avansul este de minim 20 RON). Suntem recunoscatori clientelor care ne inteleg si achita totul integral, astfel scutindu-ne de multe neplaceri. Transportul este gratuit pentru plata integrala. Coletele se expediaza in ziua confirmarii platii.

Uncontrolled Romantic Mood

Rochie Next
Marime 16 UK, corespunzator unui 44 EU, dar dimensiunile par a fi pentru un 42:
Lungime 110 cm
Talie maxim 90 cm, prezinta cordon nedetasabil ce o poate micsora
Bust maxim 100 cm
100% vascoza
Stare noua fara eticheta
Detalii: pe eticheta apare ca Next Maternity, deci poate ascunde o burtica mai generoasa :)
Pret 75 RON

I See Green Ghosts

Geanta Lialglou
100% piele
Stare excelenta
Pret 35 RON

Never Letting Go, You Know?

Rochie Cote Femme
SOLD Otilia

Sometimes I Am a Manga Character

Rochie Atmosphere
100% vascoza, insertii din bumbac
Size 44 dar corespunde unei marimi mai mici, dimensiuni:
Lungime 100 cm
Talie sub sani maxim 92 cm, prezinta cordon nedetasabil ce o poate mimcsora
Bust maxim 100 cm
Stare noua fara eticheta
Pret 75 RON