luni, 22 martie 2010

I Love Trash, Sort of

Sometimes I shouldn't be allowed near Photoshop. ANYWAYS, here's me and my worn down boots. These are Sugar over the knee boots that I've dragged out of my pile-o-crap (also knows as my stuff). I love these boots. They can be worn up, down, folded or not. they are perfect. That's why I've worn them to pieces. Actual pieces. They are broken, have a few holes on the soles and would be great for throwing away. But I can't. Because they don't make them anymore! There's no actual way I can replace them. So I'm sticking to them, forever! Don't judge :) How about you, do you have trouble throwing away stuff you love?

Sugar boots, La Redoute skirt, random H&M blouse, All Saints leather jacket

In other irrelevant news, I've recently developed a small fixation with the yellow/gray combination. Here's my solution to it:

I Love Ebay

And before people label us as annoying, a giant thanks to Ioana from Dark Vintage Bazar,
Mia from Mia Urban Glamour
and the lovely Oana and Ana from SMLXL (BTW, mereu am vrut sa stim, it's the book, right?)
pentru ca ne-au acordat premiu :D Noi suntem, desigur, Lenesi si teribili la ales lucruri (lucrurile ne aleg pe noi) asa ca vom acorda premiul tuturor (yeah, the easy way out). Dar sa recunoastem, daca nu ar exista 1000 de bloguri ziua noastra ar fi mai lunga :D
Happy Spring Everyone (but do remember Rabbits like green grass)
Zi Hatters

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Mia Serena spunea...

I know the feeling.. :D still keeping a pair of "customised" jeans..was also planning how to wear some old ankle hobo booties but mum who always buggs me off by scrambling into my stuff, got the chance to throw them away *sigh*..

Btw still loving and wearing the 'Go Go Girl' Dress ordered from you last year ^^
(Ana Maria/Mia from Craiova is sending you hugs!)

SMLXL spunea...

Culmea tot o pereche de blugi, rupti in nenumarate locuri, care am reusit sa ma conving sa ii arunc, i-am pus deoparte sa ii duc la tomberon si in fata tomberonului m-am razgandit si i-am dus inapoi in casa, unde am decretat ca sunt cool rupti in genunghi si pe buca( the nice way of saying it). Ii port pana azi, ba mai mult, le-am mai facut artificial niste rupturi.

In alta ordine de idei, nu de la carte a pornit numele blogului, ci de la marimile hainelor, desi inconstient, fiind amandoua arhitecte (nu neaparat indragostite de Koolhaas)s-ar putea sa fi fost si asta motivul. Tu sa ne spui caci esti mai in domeniul inconstientului decat noi:))

Monica spunea...

Oh, my...we can start a club!
I can't bring myself to throw my old beat up boots neither! It's so funny when you think about it :)))
And my fave sweater is like 35 years old and couting! Great sweater though! My grandma wore it, my mum wore and now i've been wearing it for like 10 years now. My mum gets crazy whem she sees me rocking it with pride. She even cryed some tears once...nostalgia I think...Anyway, my grandma was a very stylish woman!
And my old boots...well...until I'm gonna come home one day barefeet...they're not going anywhere! :)))

Anonim spunea...

Just had to share it with you: :D

Mad Hatter spunea...

wow, sooo flowery :D