marți, 9 martie 2010

Black and Blue Pathology

I know, I said the shopping is going to stop. But it has a mind of its own, I tell you. It grows and it grows and once of a sudden you wake up credit card in hand typing in frantically all those numbers in. And this is one of those outrageous buys that I'm not proud of. But I'm going with the old 'this is my Bday and Xmas present all rolled into one and I'm not buying anything else EVER' excuses.
So I got the insane Christiano for Payless exclusive heels thingies. WITH the talon heel. The other two versions available here and here are also insane but I'm a sucker for blue & black. Sure, a million things can go wrong, like them getting my size wrong, like the shoe being sold out before my friend places the order (Payless doesn't sell outside the US so this is one of those pretty please buys).

Can you say 5.5 inch heel?

Cut It Out Ankle Cuff Pump

All Done Up Mary Jane Pump
SAD UPDATE: they ran out of my size in less than an hour. Boohoohoo. So no more odd looking 5.5 inch heels for me.

3 comentarii:

A Dreamer spunea...

Uhm.. cadou de ziua copilului?
(poate merge :p)

onishka spunea...

Hai mai ce frumosi sunt! Vreau si eu o pereche crem!:). De acum incolo sa ne spui si noua inainte sa se vanda toti:) M-am uitat pe ebay iar pretul la cei crem este de 168 de dolari, dublu fata de site-ul pe care l-ai aratat tu.

Mad Hatter spunea...

Se practica frecvent la americani... in cazul unor pantofi care vor deveni foarte cautati si sunt in cantitati limitate se cumpara aproape intreg stocul si se vinde pe Ebay la preturi aberante.
Oricum si marimea mea a disparut in minute... deci no luck here.