joi, 11 martie 2010

Shallow Self Sketch

THE circular scarf, let's learn to accept it
People, it is snowing outside. Seriously. Good news is my cold is fading away, aka my sense of smell is coming back (generally so I can fully enjoy my cat's pooping) and as soon as there will be a form of sunshine outside we will (and this is a promise) resume the Blog activities. YES, there are dresses waiting. Pretty, flowery, lovely, vicious and delicious dresses.

Until that moment comes let me bore you some more with a few things the Hatter (you do know the Hatter is somewhat of a multiple personality character, right?) likes and dislikes.

First on the list we have a charming website turned book. This one is awfully famous in the US, mostly because it makes fun of white people. But in an odd good way, not quite in that wrong, rarist way it may sound. It has a LOT of urban American references which really ding my dong, so to put it in a slightly dirty way. The first 5 years through med school I didn't own or watch TV and have used my time stuffing my brain with sitcoms and overall crappy American urban culture, thanks to the All Mighty Internet. I've noticed this is something other Romanians have chose to do, so for those of you who know what a phalange is and that The Bird is the Word, this is a website you're probably going to enjoy.

As a hint to phalange thing above, the Hatter does not like Jennifer Aniston.

Moving on, another thing on the like list is the UK postal system. Amazing tracking, fast shipping, no packages going missing. Almost equal to the German postal system, which is hands down the best in the world. These guys are dead serious about their mail. Just saying.

The next item on the list is Ebay. Here we have a love/hate relationship. Because it's so easy to buy stuff at much cheaper prices than anywhere else but it's quite annoying to sell stuff, mainly because they have such high fees. But Ebay is quite a good thing considering we're living in Romania, the place where everything costs at least double than anywhere else.

On the dislike list we have Paypal and its annoying refund policy. I mean come on, it takes them around 2 seconds to take my money but up to 30 days to refund them? Boo!

Fish. The Hatter does not like fish (living that is). And is not too keen on birds either.

Circular scarves. I happen to like circular scarves. They have not been invented yesterday, they have been around for a while, they are practical and quite amazing. What I don't like is Romanian people looking at a circular scarf like it's the new coming of Christ. Get over yourselves people, it's just a freakin` scarf.

All in all, that's it for today. Tomorrow I'm getting the package with all the makeup from The All Natural Face, so expect an article soon, including swatches and stuff.

Oh, forgot to add. There's this British TV show called Peep Show. It's quite wrong and twisted so some of you may enjoy it. Just saying.

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cosmofever spunea...

Awww...we have so many things in common :D Nici eu nu o am deloc la inima pe Aniston and I really dislike birdies...not in the "oh-let's-smash-their-head" kinda way but I just don't dig any flying things (well, except planes).

Ideea era ca I thoroughly enjoyed this post :)

Mad Hatter spunea...

Duly noted Miss Fever :D