marți, 8 septembrie 2009

Of Shoes, Balenciaga and Such

Jennifer Connelly este THE Balenciaga girl, intr-un spread fabulos realizat de Steven Meisel.
All photos Balenciaga
Well, hello there. We're back in the country for the next two days, uhu! Unfortunately, one of those days will be spent traveling to Bucharest so basically we're unable to attend to any Mad Hatter activities (but we will, seriously, we will do it someday). We just wanted to say hi and allow the Fashionista on the Mad Hatter team to have a word. So here goes (do read, it's fun stuff involving shoes, Balenciaga and such).

Jennifer Connelly is hot, like it or not. It may be because of her eyes or her roles involving oh such drama, I really like her. Frankly, because she is such a strong presence I believe she'd look great wearing nothing but a paper bag, but when I look at her wearing nothing but Balenciaga my heart stops a little. Take a look and say for yourselves!

On a slightly designer-related note, let's have a look at quite a good knock off by Steve Madden. Being the shoe junkie that I am and not actually owing a oil business or anything to that extent, in order to afford the more and more expensive designer shoes that continue to pop up, I'm quite a know it all when it comes to great shoes at lower prices. For today, I give you the Seryna Ankle Bootie.
A while back, Alexander McQueen released the coveted 'motorcyle heels'. At a whooping $1159, what can I say? Great but no thanks. Here's where Steve Madden comes in and offers us a more affordable version, the Seryna Bootie mentioned before. At $129.95 they are quite the shoe candy.

Alexander McQueen $1159

Steve Madden $129.95

2 comentarii:

cosmofever spunea...

Ah, Steve Madden. Ma tot gandesc sa-mi comand o pereche de pantofi de la el, dar nu stiu cu fiecare data cand comand de pe net stau cu inima stransa. Uneori imi vin, alteori sad. Tu ti-ai comandat de la el? Do they fit true to size? Te pup

Mad Hatter spunea...

Am o pereche de cizme care par a fi true to size, poate doar un pic narrow. Oricum la pantofi e mereu la fel, te lamuresti doar cand incerci on your own foot :)
Zi Hatter