sâmbătă, 22 august 2009

The Bootilicious Day

Chloe, yum

Rick Owens (it can never get better than this, really)

Rick Owens possibly, there is this other guy...

Siren, if I remember correctly

Alice and Olivia for Payless



Emma Cook


God (aka Rick Owens)

Jeffrey Campbel
Why, hello again. Missed us? Fine, the Hatter is waay to tired to do a big giant post so this one will be a 'Here are some boots I like or maybe love' kind of post. Enjoy. All pics are well, from my computer because I'm too tired to RE research them all. Frankly, I have an obsession story related to each and every one of them, thing is I blocked some of them out so I wouldn't sell one of my kidneys and go all CC happy. I have a ton of more pics but also I'm bad at organizing my folders and I just can't search through all those GBs.
Also, Roxana, if you can read this, hope you didn't get carried away by the Theatre Pirates or anything. Still looking forward to hearing from ya *wink wink
And yeah, it's all about wedge boots these days. Maybe soon, an outfit post or a random rant about the Hatter's recent obsessions.
Thanks for tuning in, hope you're enjoying the last summer days. If anyone has a Time Machine and is willing to borrow it, please contact us. Will return it after the 15th of November.
Hugsies you guys :)
Zi Hatters

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looooooove this shoes!:)