marți, 15 februarie 2011

The Fine Print

London came and went and I am now lingering in post travel depression, as expected. But fear not, I will get out of it, eventually. Or maybe go back to London, either one I will be posting a lot of stuff soon, as I need to sell most of my wardrobe, big yay. Also expect a photo heavy post, we took around a million pics.
Ne-am intors, in scurt timp vom posta din nou. In curand vom updata blogrollul si vom raspunde tuturor emailurilor, daca nu primiti un raspuns in urmatoarele 2 zile atunci ati ajuns in spam si va rugam sa ne recontactati.

Un comentariu:

a dreamer. spunea...

oh i know the feeling.
my mellow, on the floating reserve is coming to an end, since there are almost 2 months since i'm home, no bridges, no lights, no peace, no serenity, no shopping, no nothing.
we have to make it come true once in a while (at least 3 times per year :">), somehow.

but i still expect more pictures!