joi, 24 februarie 2011

A Different Kind of Shopping

But still shopping right? And while I took my time to decide on the best choice for my future stethoscope, picking the right color seems to be quite a pickle. But what can I do when they give me so many choices (Black, Black Edition, Burgundy, Chocolate, Gray, Hunter Green, Navy Blue, Plum). In truth it's like picking jewellery, the kind you're going to wear often and for a long time - and you don't want to get stuck with the wrong earrings, right?
I'll probably go with the Hunter Green anyway, just to be able to use the ''I wanted it to match my eyes'' line. Yes, shallow is the word you are looking for.

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Vintaggeria spunea...

burgundy. that green is wellingtons green. seriously. as in cizme de guma verzi nu the actual dude:P